Friday, December 09, 2005

Cornelius goes Hot, Live and otherwise!!

I have been thrusted into the 21st century like gangbusters. The new ways and means to connect with the world has been almost overwhelming and certainly empowering. A few years back, I thought I would fall victim to the dredded "digital divide" and not be able to access the super highway of the internet. But my due diligence and determination to learn all the up and comming gizmo's was at it's pitch fever this year.Each day technology seems to morph over night and I keep finding my self adjusting the learning curve to stay current. Amazingly, in my outreach to the "netsphere" I've found so many willing mentors and those who are at the pinnacle of all things net. Yet, with all this rapid fire communicating, I have been befuddled at the lack of public comment and dispering of pertinent information about the issues concerning the community. It seems that one of the lone voices out here is Bob Coffey's, "The Notes" which frequently falls into my mailbox. His efforts to inform and offer a plethora of updates about homeless issues, AIDS info and other valuable nuggets, simply dwarfs the other CBO/ Foundation that supposedly is the lead agency in the area. As a matter of disclosure, I am a former board member, who withdrew his membership due to a conflict of interest. Nevertheless, there seems to be a continuing void in the public message of this conclave, as well as, other emerging concerned citizens such as the Gay and Lesbian Pride Group. It is unrefutable that the Net has developed into a direct source to individuals with abilities to inspire, motivate and admonish. Web sites for the metro area community bars and other entities abound. Most with outdated information, promotional dogma or a lack of any real content. Supposedly, the new proposed Pink Pyramid site touts that it will be the hub of "what's going on," yet the vibe I get is that it will be more of the same. Therefore, I step into the breach with my series of both composed and audio blogs dealing with all of the issues at hand. My approach is to be an omnivorous observer with a sense of fairness and objectivity in all my commentaries. This new medium is bold and allows us to firmly place ourselves right in each others face. I'm ready for the challenge...are you?

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