Monday, January 28, 2008

More Bounce to the Ounce

Are you ready community? If you are saying ready for what? Then most likely you might not be ready. The time is near for Super Smackdown Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2008 as the political cycle shifts into high gear with a free for all national vote-a-thon. From coast to coast, the polls will be teaming with the democratic process in full tilt. It's gonna be a barnstormin, roof raising, cauldron stirring mash up that will send forth the possible nominees for President. In the meantime, "wait there's more," more news, commentary, links, video, pods and concerns that are coming out of shoots across the board. Let's jump into the fray....

Where's the Day Center?: It's the $64,000 question or is that $50,000 of the city of Little Rock. Why is the proposed "day center" for the homeless taking so long to become a reality despite that fact that a "homeless Czar" was hired some time ago? Again, the wheels of city politics are just stupfying and seemingly stalled in fact finding as cited by a online E-blast from frustrated proponents which also have presented Mayor Stodala and City Manager Moore. A subsequent Wednesday(1/30) 8:30 a.m. news conference is scheduled on the steps of City Hall . From the onset, I was a bit aprehensive when the city announced the hiring of Mr. Jimmy Pritchard, but seem to have little else in place such as a clear development timeline. From my vantange point, the entire project has been mired in "gobbley gook politics." You know those do nothing excuses such as, "this meeting we will postpone, the next meeting it's been tabled or the next meeting we are deferring to the next meeting." What seems to be going on here? Is the city serious about this issues or are just paying lip service. I'm dumbfounded that this city can't seem to get moving in a more timely fashion vs. meandering with study groups, consultants, meetings and tideous posturing. I'm posting the online petition that is circulating and encourage you to call the Mayor's office and ask What's Up! This is unedited and is soley the opinion of the of the homeless coalition:

‘Dear Mr. Mayor and Mr. City Manager:

We urge the City of Little Rock [and whoever receives the contract to provide Homeless Day Resource Center] to move as quickly as humanly and legally possible to open the Day Resource Center. We are both the homeless themselves and those care about and provide services to the homeless. We speak for hundreds of individuals contributing and receiving services. We have been involved in homeless problems and solutions for a number of years. We ask a number of questions below. Your answers could go to the media. We read the papers.
The City of Little Rock 10-Year Plan Committee worked in 2005 and 2006 to produce the 10-Year Plan for the Homeless, which in Dec 2006 called for a Day Resource Center to be in operation in July 2006. It is not in operation. It has been repeatedly postponed. The Mayor, before the Homeless Coalition in early November 2007, said he hoped to have a Day Resource Center in operation in December 2007or in early January 2008. It is not in operation. It has been repeatedly postponed. The Mayor’s Commission on Homeless voted in November to move forward with a RFP – Request for Proposals – for an existing provider to run a Day Resource Center. The RFP has just been issued. The timetable promises more delay : Proposals Due by 4:00 p.m. February 13, 2008. Board of Directors awards contract March 4, 2008’ Why 3 weeks? ‘Contract negotiation begins After award’ Why negotiations? How long? Awardee has 30 days after Contract finalized? Could it be in full or partial operation any more quickly?

Bouncing O: Presidential Candidate B.Obama is "bouncing" again from his win in South Carolina into the next debate go- round this week with top tier contenders, Hillary Clinton and John Edwards. Of course there's been much talk about former President Bill Clinton's stepped up rhetoric and "call out" of the Senator's paper trail. Oh really? Isn't this par for the course in American politics? Have we forgotten, Nixon's dirty tricks or those 524 Swift Boat attacks on John Kerry in 04. This is gladiator politics that has been a staple of the American body politic from the nation's inception. Nasty, yes. Factual, often not. The Presidency, Priceless.

CorneliusOnpoint encourages everyone to particpate, tell your friends and your family to VOTE in 2008. Early Voting starts this week!
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