Thursday, January 31, 2008

For your consideration and more...

It's underway, the history making political showdown of the 21st Century. In this corner, the Bouncing Obama, with his recent cash dash of 32 million and counting. Who needs a stimlus package with these kind of dead presidents floating around? In the opposing corner is Hillary "in it to win it" Clinton Tag team featuring Former President Bill Clinton. Apparently, the possible "First Man,"got the kitchen so hot that folks from every where was screamin foul and calling out Mr. Clinton with a fury.It got to be just too much for John Edwards that he just made an exit by "suspending" his campagin with his cash haul still in tact. So did Giuliani who decided that his florida firewall wasn't up to snuff and he bowed out to the land of Schwarzenegger. Meanwhile, John "I'm not dead yet" Mc Cain has emerged as the GOP frontrunner by trumping his fellow competitors twice in a row in a giddy fashion. Ladies and Gentlemen they're falling by the way side slowly but surely and it's not even Super Tuesday. As I've said before, it's going to be a barnburner including last eve's Republican Debate with the rest of field putting each other on the hot seat about everything from Iraq to abortion. Tonight, the Democrats take it to the mat with both Clinton and Obama vying to take it to the next level. Woosh! Talk about thunderdome politics in America. Before you take your seats, go early vote. It started this week and will run through Feb. 4 I 've included some polling info and encourage you to vote. Do it TODAY! O.K. what you waitin for...I said today! For more info call 340-8383 or

Sue Cowan Library 1800 South Chester (LR)

Dee Brown Library 6325 Baseline Road (LR)

McMath Library 2100 Barrow Road (LR)

Laman Libary 2801 Orange Street (NLR)

Jacksonsville City Hall #1 Industrial Drive ( JAX)

Some Early Voting will take place at County Court houses, please contact your local officials for polling hours and places. I'm doing it about you?

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