Tuesday, November 13, 2012

On the Road- Off the Road Challenge

Even though I'm back in the Big Chair for now, being "road warrior" takes it toll on a brother. After navigating long lines, security, my personal pat downs and all manner of the traveling public, sometimes I ponder "WTF."  Although these junkets are by all means necessary and I'm not really complaining but rather observing if would seem that the folks on the move haven't listened or learned much about making their flights. Over and over, again and again, I've watched customers complain because they are being charged because their bags are "over weight," upset because they didn't get to the airport in early fashion to get through security, bitch and moan because they forgot the "3-1-1" rule about those pesky liquids that get tossed and usually hold up the security line, then there's the individuals whom bring "skateboards, boom-boxes, boogie boards" and all types of stuff thinking that the overhead bins are limitless in what they can hold. As I make my way down the aisle with my usual "one compact" bag that sometime if the flight is full I check gate side in order to make sure that I can get to my assigned  seat in a timely manner. To help with much of this I make every attempt to "pre" do as much as possible. Including using the airline website for seat assignments, printing boarding passes, setting up alerts and if necessary checking bags through to my destination. Seeing that I have implants, I make it a priority to arrive early and be a prepared to move through security at a pace that will allow me not to be one of those "airport runners," who for untold reasons find themselves darting and dashing in a hell bent motion through the facility trying to get to the gate before the final boarding call. Since I'm afforded some chances to travel, I do my ever loving best to make the experience work for me without much angst or heartburn. Are their still some issues and challenges with traveling? By all means yes. The ongoing "nickel and dimed" of the traveling public has become extremely burdensome to almost trivial. As I move to the kiosk it reminds me if you want to board early theirs a fee. More leg room, pay here. Want a certain seat, here's the fee. Upgrade to First Class here for only a few more dollars. Pillow, Blanket, Oxygen...? What's next bathroom tickets or tokens? In the meantime, you just have to take it all in and I do what I can to make it work every time I walk into the now, Bill and Hillary Regional Airport. If you see me some early morning winging my way to the next destination, give me a shout out!

Using Your Mobile Phone to Find Health Information: New Data

Pew Internet & American Life Project released new data Exit Disclaimer today on using mobile phones to access health information.

  • “One in three cell phone owners (31%) have used their phone to look for health information. In a comparable, national survey conducted two years ago, 17% of cell phone owners had used their phones to look for health advice.”
  • “Smartphone owners lead this activity: 52% gather health information on their phones, compared with 6% of non-smartphone owners. Cell phone owners who are Latino, African American, between the ages of 18-49, or hold a college degree are also more likely to gather health information this way.”
Have you asked your clients and stakeholders if they want to access your HIV related information from their phones?
With the release of the Digital Government Strategy, we must ask ourselves “…how are we using technology to make a real difference in people’s lives.” – President Barack Obama“
We encourage you to learn more about the Digital Strategy and explore the Pew data. They are both tools to help the HIV community provide important HIV-related information and improve people’s lives.

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