Monday, November 05, 2012

The Body Politic 2012

It's all about Forward: Now and Forever
Election cycle 2012 has come almost full circle as we prepare for the last of the TV advertisements, radio blast, printed materials and all manner of reach out to the voting public that a candidate can garner to get that elusive vote. By now we've heard almost all we can take and then some. The half-truths, outright lies, mis-spoken thoughts, gaffs as well as what "truths" that could be sifted from all the rest.

 Amazing as it seems, for some reason our electorate continues to accept our kaleidoscope of voting rules, regulations, sketchy details plus what appears to be an almost insane way of electing anyone. Surely with all our technological advances and smart folks who make stuff for us to buy could come up with a more streamlined way to doing this business every four years.

Of course, the debate as to how to or why we should would again leave us all in the same the condition that we've been enduring for decades without resolve. Long lines in one part of the country, top down voter suppression tactics done with shit eating grins, confused voters who get ro-bo called or their local communities flooded with leaflets or billboard with garbage rhetoric in an all out attempt to keep folks from participating. Ladies and Gentlemen, I can't imagine what the rest of world thinks as they watch the good old US of A in the throws of a voting melt down while we globally portray to be the paragons of upholding a sure fire democratic process that includes everyone. In the meantime, we press on with yet another election cycle trying to discern who is the right candidate as the leader of the free world. As I've looked and listened to all that I can stand, its apparent to this forum that obvious choice is staying the course with President Barrack Obama. Attempting to "right the ship" or taking the helm when then carriage is off course is a daunting task for anyone. I can't forget and nor should anyone of the direness and disdain for the rule of law that occurred during the Bush administration.

 The outlandish theft, greed, fraud and total disregard for what now we keep hearing as "love of country" that permeated that administration and a whole host of characters that decidedly believed that they didn't do nothing wrong. Consequently those actions almost set the nation on a self destruct mode in which the next leader would have to deal with. With all that took place, we had to move forward and so we did under the leadership of Barrack Obama who set forth on mission to make a difference amidst charges that he wasn't "one of us," or his views are somehow connected to numerous nefarious concepts or conspiracies. Enough already. Mr. Obama has done what could be done in the face of character assaults, obstructionist agendas beyond reproach and a fickle electorate that's sometimes on the hunt for the next sparkling bobble head that tells them that what they've been experiencing is not what they've been really experiencing.

I'm proud to know that the Obama administration moved with the Libby Ledbetter equal pay for women bill, appointing numerous gays, lesbians and transgender individuals to his administration, hate crimes legislation's, visitation rights for LGBTQ patients and visitors, the National HIV/ AIDS Strategy, LGBT housing study, repealing Don't Ask, Don't Tell, ending the Iraq war theater, health care reform to address disparities and ultimately Mr.and Mrs. Obama's White House conference on bullying tells me that even though all decision may not have been seen as best by some, given the chance to continue working with our policymakers and lawmakers more can be achieved when we work together than being a divided house which may fall. Its clear to me that "four more for forty four" is where I should stand with hopes that others will take a chance to believe that this way forward is the best laid path to the future. Returning to past failed policies and mindsets is not an option for a nation that needs to not forget where we've been but where we need to go and that's forward. Please vote for the candidate of your choice. For more info contact your local election officials or

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