Monday, December 24, 2012

The End is Near, Part Two

COP 24/7 Special
Forum Founder Recalls and Speaks Volumes

It's Christmas Eve 2012 and the only impending gloom and doom is that pesky "Fiscal Cliff" mess that just won't go away. What a Christmas gift that would be from this lame duck, do nothing Congress. Can anyone really believe that this body is the "brightest and best" elected folks to supposedly do the business of the country. Is anybody wondering why these folks keep get elected to show up to scuttlebutt, rebut, obstruct, filibuster or act as bustas on all levels. As one of those "American People" that they allegedly know so well, I'm over it. I'm not suggesting a run on the government, but maybe all them should be pushed over the fiscal cliff and we be done with the lot of them. Crazy as that sound, we are temporarily stuck with these folks until the new Congress arrives in 2013, which I believe might not be much better. Until then we wait as the clock ticks down on whatever deal gets done and the New Year rolls out. It's been one amazing year for COP 24/7 as I've kept it hot, live and otherwise for the last 52 weeks and counting.

This year we crossed the 1000 mark in items posted to this forum. Yes my pretties, I've been at it for over six years making COP 24/7 the longest running LGBTQ blog in Arkansas! Just how did we do it is often beyond me not to mention eye opening to those of you whom keep coming back for more of carrying on. COP 24/7 has covered it all and then some as we've tackled all the top tier issues from LGBTQ economics to urging our readers to be pro-active instead of reactive to the policies and procedures that directly impact their lives.

Recently I heard from several avid readers whom shared with me the reasons that they either "liked" or had a distaste for my viewpoints. As a provocateur, I feel its my obligation to at least give a hearing to those whom want to engage me whether in e-mail or in person. One individual said that he had a negative feeling about this forum because he felt that I was extremely "critical" of  situations or individuals highlighted. I appeared to be shortsighted and obviously bias in my thoughts because I had made up my mind in a "judge and jury" manner while not perhaps considering other factors. Point well taken.

However, subsequently the same individual said that in hindsight they decided that actually they had taken some of what was said out of context meanwhile coming to the conclusion that what COP 24/7 has actually offered was "constructive criticism" that they had internalized from an "personal attack" position when in all actuality it was a clear observation that they had decided not to consider. I assured them that often times saying what needs to said doesn't make the medicine go down any sweeter. My views are based in my genuine concern about a variety of situation that have been constants in the LGBTQ community and beyond.

If no one raises any voice about "what's really going on" then most of our issues, dilemmas or problems will not receive any attention or action. Am I suppose the believe that complacency and quietness is suppose to suffice as the systems around me make decision for me without me or you?  My angst and anger has been rooted in the fact that now 30 years since I began being engaged in the "community" I can only see marginal progress. Sure we have plenty of venues trying to offer activities, but no matter the effort there's still little to no participation. I informed the dear reader that even when I've asked for comment or written contributions to this forum nothing came forth.

Other's have come and gone, yet COP 24/7 has never waned from calling it as I see it while demanding those whom disagree to bring the facts for further discussion. In the conclusion of our discussion, the reader agreed that I've been open and accessible but that they had not taken the time to think through my words instead they had taken a "reactionary" stance instead of the opportunity to learn from what was being said. I have found this to be the case from many of you who have taken me to task for my insights or overviews.

Individual number two had a different viewpoint and wanted to inform me that they were among my "shadow readers" whom don't subscribe or "follow me" publicly but perhaps "bookmark" the site for review. They cited that they found COP 24/7 to have "courage" to speak openly and candidly about all of the subjects contained on the site. They were steadfast that the lack of "gay media" in Arkansas has not gotten any real support from those whom keep demanding it. We agreed that if others felt that they wanted to offer a "counterpoint" to COP 24/7 then where's there blog or new media item. I told them that I've always been encouraging to anyone wanting to join the conversation. I further shared that a year or so ago I had even offered to allow "anyone" to come produce this forum without any interference. Got absolutely no takers or anyone even remotely interested in taking on the task.

And so we go forward into 2013 doing what I can to spotlight and highlight issues of importance or interest of readers. Its not easy speaking truth, nor trying to communicate to a "community" that in a most recent exercise we found that we are not certain exactly "who makes up this community." I've asked this same tired question over and over and yet as I hit five decades of life I still have no clearer understanding. One thing that I do know is that since its inception COP 24/7 has been succinct in following its three pillars of empowerment, education and entertainment. We go forth we that mission in mind while staying in the game to keep bringing our readership "what's really going on!" Thanks for staying with us, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. See you in 2013!!!  Until then....

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