Friday, December 21, 2012

The End is Near Post, Part One

Are you Ready for the End...Again?

Here we go again...another "the end is near" scenario that is becoming all too common these days. This time out its all about the Mayan Calendar from those ancient Incas whom supposedly came to the realization that the cosmos would experience some major upheaval come 12/21/12. This date is significant because that's when their calendar simply point blank stops. Of course all this along with so much other doomsday verbiage or blustering has filled the airwaves from the far flung fringe to those preparing to live "bunker style."

 Amazing as it may seem, I've lived through so much gloom and doom including the highly scaled up and now infamous "Y2K" drama that was suppose to send the country into mayhem and chaos. And then there's the numerous clergy such as deceased Jerry Falwell among others whom have been reading holy scrolls, tea leaves and telegraphs from the heavens with their ballyhooed predictions of the demise of all mankind. Even more surprisingly, is the fact how many times the LGBTQ community has been the red headed step child of Mother Nature which has been cited as the cause of "fires, hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunami's." Wow what immense power those gay folks must have to bring down so much angst and tension in the land.

With all of this, I've been totally broadsided at the level of acceptance of this prediction among some individuals whom have been unable to convince myself of any credible facts or evidence of anything that's scheduled to happen. Unfortunately, I've listened to some of these discussions that also lend themselves to the overall arching references to the "rapture" which gets much play in Sunday sermons across the land. However as an avid reader of historical facts and factoids, I recall the Incas and Aztecs yet I can't for the life of me remember much about the Mayan calendar to which is suppose to end it all for each of us. So in all fairness as we certainly attempt to do here at COP 24/7, I thought it necessary to offer this moment of enlightenment to support my position that all this hand wringing and gnashing of teeth is unneeded nor warranted in anyway.

According to our brief research I've uncovered the following:

 The calendar consists of several cycles, or counts, of different lengths. The Long Count is the Mayan linear count of days consisting of approximately 5,126 years. This time cycle ended on Dec. 21, 2012 — not to imply that it was the end of the world. The calendar’s end was regarded by the Maya as not so much an end as a beginning — a beginning of a new era when humanity would no longer need to measure time in a linear fashion. This moment in time also coincided with a rare planetary alignment and what they believed would be a positive shift in global consciousness.

All of this sounds esoteric until we consider the arbitrary nature of time constructs. Our commonly accepted calendar, the Gregorian calendar, was implemented in 1582 because the prior Julian calendar was considered too long, and the new calendar shaved off about two weeks of the year. Everybody got that?

If you go deep, you'll find that there are all types of calendars that have been used to measure or chronicle some increments of time. Hello, anybody listening? Well the major take away from all of this is the fact that its vitally important that each of us take time to be persistent in having a quality of life filled with service and gratitude to not only those whom you know but those you may not. Enough already about the "end is near" but what's more important is "new beginnings" to prosperity. Don't get caught up in the latest sound bite hysteria or any stuff that can't be substantiated by the facts. The real scary situations that we should be concerned with are the mass appeal of semi-automatic weapons gone unchecked, nuclear proliferation and those folks whom keep talking about "taking their country back." I'm watching these antics much more closely than any rogue Haley's Comet or any other end-is-nigh delirium. Here’s too hoping we have a positive shift in our overall consciousness. For me the way we measure time means less than what we do with it. Think about it.

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