Thursday, April 11, 2013

Keeping it Moving COP 24/7 Style

You Gotta EAT! - Spaghetti Luncheon to Support LGBTQ Youth Camp

Sunday April 21,CAR is hosting a delicious homemade spaghetti lunch at the First Presbyterian Church of Little Rock, 800 Scott Street. This is a fundraiser to help make the annual Rainbow Camp for LGBTQ and ally youth a reality. Camp this year will be located at the beautiful Ferncliff Camp and Conference Center. Tickets are $10.00 with other additional gitfs encouraged.

This is a wonderful opportunity for LGBTQ and ally youth to attend camp and have an amazing camp experience in a safe environment in all of who they are. This will be our 5th year of camp and we are excited to continue this tradition. There’s a special treat for lunchtime entertainment too!
For more information or Tickets 501-244-9690 or
Ain't No Mountain High Enough
Community Building Pinnacle Mountain Climb Planned
In case you've been missing your does of COP 24/7, there's been plenty of "examining" or community assessments done as to the temperature of the LGBTQ construct. The results and reviews have varied from all points across the state ranging from bleak to hopeful. As a response to some of those community overviews, The Living Affected Corporation is planning a Community Pinnacle Mountain Climb, May 18, at 1pm, located across from the Pinnacle Mountain Visitor's Center.
The idea is a follow up to a series of community building exercises being promoted by the agency in an attempt to address a multitude of issues and challenges presented by participants. Organizers Max Caberra and PJ Jones expressed that they wanted to volunteer for the organization and wanted their first activity to something "outdoorsy" as well as community minded. Therefore, the two developed the  idea to also include a small community forum with guest speakers to be announced, mini cookout and a day of promoting "each one helping one" up the mountain trail. "We plan also to share our adventure on Facebook, maybe upload some video's on YouTube while informing others as to this team building event," said Caberra. "I hope that this will be one of several ideas that we've talked about as new volunteers of LA Corp." Currently the duo are seeking donations, contributions, gifts, volunteers and supporters for the event. If you are interested in being apart of the community forum or volunteering call 379.8203 for more info. Check out the new Facebook event page for updates!!
COP 24/7 Seeking Content Providers
Since the inception of this platform, I envisioned that it would be an interactive community town square where a variety of voices could be heard. In seven years of producing this forum, I have logged on to produce over 1200 post topping over 150,000 words! This year COP 24/7 added a translator gadget to allow our global village to translate our coverage into their respective languages ranging from Spanish to Chinese. Who Knew?
With that said, I've always been open to allowing interested parties with viable content to share their works on this platform. In the past I solicited the community in search of an individual who could serve as the next Executive Producer. However, despite all those shout out's the response has been marginal to none. I can't imagine since I see so many of you tapping and clicking your I-phones or what have you in the local bars and elsewhere!
Therefore I am at again with another appeal for original content producers or artists whom have works that they would like to showcase on this platform. If interested just hit us up in our in-box. Its just that simple. Let us hear from you today!!

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