Friday, April 05, 2013

Wide Angles of COP 24/7

Report details needs under the ACA

Enroll America has identified in a new study four types of entities that will be needed to help consumers apply and enroll in health coverage. Navigators will help with the application and enrollment process. In-Person Assisters will provide face-to-face aid. Certified Application Counselors will help consumers apply for Medicaid. Agents and Brokers will work with consumers to identify and enroll in a particular health plan. To find out more about the roles each of these entities will play, click here.
Editor's Note: COP 24/7  has been following the ACA roll out in Arkansas and will be updating as the final details are hammered out by our state legislature. Watch this forum for the latest breaking news, links, video and webistes to inform our readers on the emerging health care initiative.
Report looks at future of Ryan White program
The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program has been providing care and services to more than half a million people affected by HIV each year for more than two decades, but it's current authorization is set to expire in September. Now new questions arise about how the program will fare under recent changes in healthcare policy such as the Affordable Care Act and the National HIV/AIDS Strategy. The Kaiser Family Foundation has released a report that highlights some of those questions and provides some possible solutions. The report is called Updating the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program for a New Era: Key Issues & Questions For the Future. To download the report, click here.
COP 24/7 Seeking Content Providers
Since the inception of this platform in 2004,  I always envisioned this new medium as an interactive community town square where a variety of voices would be heard or shared. In seven years of producing this forum, I have logged on to produce over 1200 post topping over 150,000 words with our Google Analytics tracking our appeal to have not only been statewide but actually global. Who knew that this little experiment would be of interest to folks in the Far East, Europe or down under in Australia?  Go figure...
With that said, I've always been open to allowing interested parties with viable content to share their works on this platform. Also In the past I solicited community wide in search of an individual or collective who could serve as the next Executive Producer. Surely there's got to be another individual who has the passion and desire to carry on this unique experiment, right? Well, so far I've not found them, but if you are that person, the opportunity still stands.
In the meantime, despite all those shout out's the response has been marginal. Therefore I am offering yet another appeal for original content producers, vloggers, creative types or artists whom have works that they would like to showcase on this platform. If interested just hit us up in our in-box. Its just that simple. Use our feedback link to tell us what you think or how you can submit. Its' an open invitation!

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