Monday, July 01, 2013

The Freedom Refresh of COP 24/7

Welcome to the newly refreshed, re-booted and re-launch of CorneliusOnpoint. This blog has been on a brief hiatus which allowed me to be involved in numerous projects, other productions and it seemed like even a kitchen sink or two. However, with work plans, agendas and days that go into nights, COP 24/7 sat idle and updated as it awaited a breath of fresh air and a swath of new look and feel including our new logo mash-up that's under development ( see below)

 Even though it I re-vamped the look, I want you to know that our basic tenants of empowerment, education and enlightenment continue to be our hallmark. Also we will not waiver from my walking the edge insights, discussing the topics that often get overlooked and always keeping it on point. Don't forget that we are available on your mobile devices and we will continue to build out on the social networks such as Twitter and Facebook using our Hoot Suite dashboard.

Since our inception I've taken considerable effort to stay trendy while embracing the latest gizmos and widgets that are being deployed. Our newly updated sidebar which pops out from the margins, allows readers to access our links, archives, video stream and our recent addition of a translation widget that offer a "global village" of language options.

 The overall look has been designed to give readers a "fast track" experience with brief story lines, headline items and a capsulized view that is demanded due to our blink culture that desires a quick and to the point reading. Ladies and Gentle and all those who haven't decided, CorneliusOnpoint continues to rise like a phoenix with the passion and power that has forged us to the front as Arkansas Number One leader as the cyber public square for the LGBTQ community and beyond. Stay with us, come grow with us and by all means staying on point with us. Get ready for more of what you've been looking for!  Let me know what you think as more exciting improvements keep coming into 2014.

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