Friday, September 19, 2014

Let the Celebration Take Flight

Happy Birthday COP 24/7!!

Welcome to the latest incarnation of COP 24/7 with our new multi layered look that allows you to enjoy a new digital experience and interaction with our platform. As we raise our glass to ten years of service to Arkansas' LGBTQ community and beyond, we realize that its been an amazing roller coaster ride.

Over the years we've talked out loud even when we thought no one was listening. Not to mention that this forum has twisted and turned over a boat load of issues, observations, shout out's and call out's, plus had moments when we shared our own personal look into life's mirror. Its all been here for the taking.

Yet through it all COP 24/7 has been genuine about our mission to inform, empower and entertain those who stopped by, discovered us or perhaps checked in from other platforms. All those years ago on that September 19, 2004 I wrote, "Our world has changed so dramatically over the last decade. We have been thoroughly challenged by both national and global activities of such a magnitude that I could no longer sit in silence. The 21st centuries new tech advances have made it so simple that I could not resist joining those voices online via their web logs and the formidable landscape of "blogging." And I did just that.

Currently there have been over some 2000 post, a global reach at one point that folks checked in from a far away as Malaysia, and yes I did actually have someone chat with me from that outpost. We had hits in France, United Kingdom and even was somewhat hacked from tech heads in none other that the Ukraine. Now that took me by surprise with included an investigation from the Blogger empire. I kept thinking "what the heck was I saying that would attract these folks to my little ole stateside blog?" 

The journey has taking me into the depths of critical issues and sometimes demanded that I compose soaring rhetoric around my passion about HIV/ AIDS intervention and my determination to make sure that this health dilemma doesn't get left in the shadows. The same shadows where many continue to languish in stigma and homophobia. Corneliusonpoint has been my personal time capsule, my world window and my own wordsmith legacy to who I was, what I was feeling, why I was reacting to what was happening around me.

I own it and believe that whomever discovers it, will know that "I was here." I hope those who have taken this ride with me, have enjoyed our walk on the wild side, as well as, our spotlight on the downside. Ten long years dammit. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you COP 24/7, the longest running daily LGBTQ focused blog in Arkansas. Check out how you can interact and view the blog in several styles and more.  We've done it and by golly we're do proud to have made it happen!!

We Are Still Here: Aging in Awareness about HIV and AIDS

Today is the 7th annual observance of National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day (NHAAAD). This year’s theme reminds us that Aging is a part of life: HIV doesn’t have to be. To further the goals of reducing new cases of HIV among older people and supporting those who are living with HIV, we would like to highlight a selection of resources for understanding and responding to the impact of HIV on people over age 50.  Join us on our Facebook page for conversation, updates, links and more as we take to social media to continue the dialog and discussion about where we are after three decades of HIV and AIDS.

Only Two Weeks To Submit Proposals: Creating Change 2015

We want you to be part of the 27th National Conference on LGBT Equality: Creating Change in Denver, CO, Feb. 4–Feb. 8, 2015. So here’s an invitation and a reminder to submit your session proposal. 

Show the movement how you create change by submitting your very own proposal for a session. It’s a chance to showcase your organizing creativity, skills, and brilliance to your fellow leaders in the movement and to build and grow our movement.

The deadline is September 30, 2014, and that’s only TWO WEEKS AWAY. We know that in the past we’ve extended the deadline. But not this year. For the 2015 conference, this is a real deadline. We won’t be extending it this year. Really. What are you waiting for? Submit your proposal today!

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