Friday, August 08, 2014

Let The Summer Sizzle Continues

Los Angeles porn permit applications down 90% since mandatory condom law

Applications for permits to shoot pornography in Los Angeles have fallen by 90%, since the use of condoms was made mandatory earlier this year.
The ordinance, passed in November 2012, made condom use a requirement for a permit in LA County, and banned the filming of bareback sex in the city, which has traditionally been a haven for porn studios.

However, despite the huge fall in official shoots, it is likely that the regulation simply forced studios underground.

Mark Kernes of industry magazine Adult Video News said: “A lot are simply shooting in out-of-the-way places where they won’t be caught.

“Normally it’s in people’s homes who are willing to rent them out for a day. Sometimes it’s out in the woods. There are vacation cabins far away from anything that you can shoot a movie at.”
Film LA, which issues the licenses, said that just 20 had been issued this year so far.
Steven Hirsh of Vivid Entertainment Group told Associated Press that his company may relocate if the law is not overturned.

He said: “There are several places we’re looking into. Some people are already shooting in Nevada, and that’s something that’s certainly on our radar.”

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation, which spearheaded the law, said: “When we first proposed the Los Angeles City bill, the industry said they’d film in other L.A. cities. When we proposed Measure B for L.A. County, the industry said they’d film in other counties.

“And when we proposed AB 1576, the industry said they’d film outside of California. Are workers in Nevada any less entitled to protection from harm than those in California?”

Coaching COP 24/7

This forum has been afforded many opportunities to express and share since its inception in 2004. Although there was no distinct direction from the its genesis, somehow this citizen journalist experiment keep moving forward, often times dragging its producer behind it or either pushing the envelope of saying what other folk were thinking. Through it all there have been some interesting opportunities that presented themselves that allowed for great personal reflection as well as professional coaching from those who get paid big dollars to do so.

Unfortunately, there has been no personal coaching from the Tony Robbins level, but I have gotten a good dose from other qualified individuals of which I benefited greatly. Looking inward while doing a 360 of your surroundings is super way to determine not only your past steps but certainly a sure fire way to assess your future movements. I've tried to use this platform to encourage others to "live out loud," and find that there glass is not half empty but just not full. Daily I try to "fill" up on life, love and my passion to make a difference in some one's life. I do what I can to be a blessing and not block any blessing coming my way. Unfortunately I hear and witness so many in my various circles that are basically just not happy. Its disturbing yet every person should be able to find something to be happy about.

"Man in the Mirror," by the late Michael Jackson has always been one of my favorites among many by him. I can honestly say that when I hear that song, I'm seriously moved by its words and tone which emboldens me to stand a little taller as I make decisions on what the future holds for me personally and professionally.

Robbins speaks to the "milliliters" of our lives trajectories and how just the slightest pivot or alteration can affect outcomes. I hadn't thought about it, but he's right. Sometimes its just that ever so movement in whatever direction could make the difference in your personal outcomes. I know that I am at that critical intersection of making a milliliter choice that will change either my destination, outcomes or reality. Think about it as you enjoy this piece from Tony Robbins. I'll keep you posted on the changes to come...


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