Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Storming hte Information Forward 2.0

Make FC advocacy your New Year’s resolution

January is a month of fresh starts, and we are taking this opportunity to recommit to female condom advocacy in 2015! Will you join us?

While Global Female Condom Day may come around just once a year, women and men need more access to female condoms every day of the year.

On January 21, we’re taking our resolutions to social media and need your help in spreading the word. Encourage your personal and professional networks to recommit to female condom advocacy this year by educating friends and family in 2015.

Below we have provided sample Facebook posts and Tweets to share with your networks. The first examples are for organizations to share, and the second set are for individual advocates.

Download the picture on the right and make it your profile picture, post it on your Facebook wall with your message as the caption, or share on Twitter.


Make your #NYresolution to educate 5 people about #femalecondoms as a #STI and pregnancy prevention option in 2015. Share and tag 5 friends in your post. #NewYearNewOption

My#NYresolution is to educate 5 people about #femalecondoms as a #STI and pregnancy prevention option in 2015. Join me! Share and tag 5 friends! #NewYearNewOption


Make your #NYresolution to educate 5 ppl on #femalecondoms in 2015. Tweet pic & mention 5 friends. #NewYearNewOption

My #NYresolution? Educate 5 ppl on #femalecondoms in 2015. Join me! Tweet pic & mention 5 friends. #NewYearNewOption
Bring on the CBA for your Agency
For decades, NMAC has worked within communities of color, targeting community-based organizations, to build healthier communities.

Community-based organizations represent the backbone of the public health sector and play a vital role in eradicating HIV/AIDS. Today, community-based organizations (CBOs) are facing a rapidly changing health care landscape in which they must be able to adapt and change in order to be sustainable and viable. Now more than ever before, the principle of survival of the fittest is paramount.
To also accentuate this dilemma, Arkansas RAPPS will host a Awareness Day Summit, Feb. 12, 2015, 10 am - 2pm,  6401 West 12 Street, in the Centre At University Park. This continuing series of capacity building for area organizations will feature Mr. Ezell Breedlove, of the Division of Volunteerism and Non Profit Services. The session will address agency sustainability in the changing funding stream landscape as related to providing services to those living with HIV and AIDS. Also the discussion will open more dialogue concerning the state's Health Independence Act among other policy or best practices related to the health care construct. Limited seating reservations can be confirmed at 

The public health and health care systems are undergoing a paradigm shift fueled by the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, advancement of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy, medicalization of HIV services and biomedical advances. In this rapidly changing landscape, only healthy organizations will survive. Healthy organizations have “the capacity to learn and keep changing over time. They have the ability to align, execute, and renew themselves faster than their competitors can, that is, adapting to the present and shaping the future faster and better than the competition.”

In order to improve the viability, sustainability and relevancy of CBOs in this dynamic environment, NMAC will provide capacity building assistance that works to build healthy organizations.

Healthy organizations have the following characteristics:
  • Organization alignment
  • Capacity for execution
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Capacity for change and renewal
  • Market-focused
  • Invest in people
  • High quality leadership teams

To that end, NMAC’s capacity building assistance will work with CBOs to: Align
the infrastructure and culture within their organizations. Coordinate
strategic collaborations and partnerships plus execute High Impact Prevention interventions and client-centered services. Consequently, equipping CBOs to effectively navigate and lead change. For more information contact:

We're here for you! Get your information now at 379-8203!!!

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