Monday, January 26, 2015

We Got Balls at COP 24/7

You couldn't escape the great "deflate gate," mash up concerning who deflated game footballs of the New England Patriots in some previous games. There was wall to wall coverage that had this blogger who isn't a game enthusiast wonder WTF? I had no idea that so much detail went to
preparing and especially meeting the specific expectations of  QB Payton Manning who desires to have his "balls" just right for each game. Who Knew!

Then there was the ongoing off color jokes or side eye looks of newscasters who had way too much fun with comments from NFL talking heads who talked about "warm balls, non-greasy balls and making sure just how the balls are being handled during each game."

Here at COP 24/7 we couldn't resist getting in on the ball madness because we've always had the "balls," to call a spade a spade in our laser focus to talk about "what's really going on," in the city and beyond. For ten damn years this forum has been a ball buster when needed and will continue to be cocked and ready to post about many topics that are being whispered about locally but often times left unsaid because individuals believe that they have no power to do so. Not so we tell you. If you are not a opt-in subscriber or following us, then why not! Come follow the information leader to stay in the loop of what's really going on!

ADH Awareness Funding Failure Mystery Continues

Last week this forum went their as some have stated as to raising issue and questioning December 2014 decisions not to fund local agencies concerning HIV/AIDS Awareness Day funds applied for by Program Manager, Ms. C. Hampton of the STI/ Hep C/ HIV/ AIDS Section of the Arkansas
Department of Health. Through a October funding announcement, the section sought "proposals" from interested parties who would be submitting event activities in regards to announcement tenants of "support educational awareness activities which target those at highest risk who have not been effectively reached." However as we have posted, all entities except for a food outlay for one candidate were denied without any full explanation or even a letter to inform them directly.

So what's going on here? Well it's not just what but who is the shot caller that is making blanket decisions as to what is or not funded. COP 24/7 has zeroed in on two names, Ronald Stark and Robert Brech that seem to be the significant "deciders" about much that either flies or doesn't from this section. Of course we can not even may you dear reader understand the quagmire of folks in offices whom serve as "pass through" judges often on many Request for Applications or Information as well as proposals. This was thoroughly highlighted in the 2010 SHARP ( State Healthcare Access Research Project) Report prepared by Harvard Law School's Health Law and Policy Clinic.

The report critically cited, "...the complex system of state contracts and the different sets of rules involved can create cumbersome situations that hinders changes that could make programs more efficient or effective."  Also the report emphasized a community wide frustration that ADH takes a "top down," approach without adequate communication to stakeholders. Don't forget that this was a "2010" report embraced by Arkansas HIV/ AIDS Minority Task Force, Arkansas Minority Health Commission, Arkansas Consumer Advisory Board and Arkansas HIV/AIDS Prevention Coalition.

So just where are these folks voices concerning the denials of the organizations whom answered the call for submissions is another layer of intrigue flying in the face that so far no one from ADH has made an effort to officially explain there decisions. If this wasn't enough, we haven't touched on the fact that the local LGBTQ community has been used as a petrie dish for many other cash grabs that also need spotlighted for all to know.   

COP 24/7 is digging further into this situation and is prepared to use any means necessary to turn up the heat to this cold shoulder snub. Stay tuned, it's just getting started in the meantime, COP 24/7 is calling each of you in to action by using our social media platform at to share your concerns. Or we encourage you to use the hash tag, #Arkansas Awareness MIA on Twitter. All this week we will be offering our next deployment of how you can help this forum keep it real as we demand transparency about this situation.

SOS Symposium Seeks Abstracts

The conference planning committee for the 3rd annual Saving Ourselves Symposium have officially launch the call for the submission of abstracts to be presented at the Community Summit held during the 2015 Symposium.  The abstract submission application contains all the pertinent information for submittal of abstracts for workshop that can be accessed online at  Also, you may click on the following link to access the abstract submission form:

Online Abstract Submission Application

Completed abstracts must be submitted online via link for online submission.  Submissions must be submitted via online by 12 midnight CST on February 6, 2015.  Questions concerning Abstracts can be sent to

Pass the Mike!

COP 24/7 will be announcing more media involvement across both terra firma and digital platform. Please watch for updates and announcements as we continue to harness the power of our voice to keep bringing you more of what you should be looking for! 

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