Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Post Holiday Catch UP

Did you miss us? Were you looking for your daily dose of COP 24/7 and was wondering WTF? Hopefully so, but we are not that thin skinned to know that most likely most were not. Anyway, even as spring hay fever, pollen, chest and head colds and all manner of health related matter are taking place, COP 24/7 can totally understand being kicked by these ailments because we took a licking but we're back kicking it!  And what a week it has been from those 19 and counting Duggar's to the monsoons that have been touted as 'biblical" in portion, there's so much that's going on that we just don't where to start. So we'll start somewhere and just keep going... so shall we!!!

The Duggars Done Gone Bye-Bye

Well lookie here as they say. The high and all mighty Duggar's done stepped in some dung of there own as revelations came to light about Josh's doing some in breeding activity and moving onward to molesting others of young ladies. After considerable outrage and advertisers back peddling from contracts 19 Kids and Counting in light of this scandal involving one of the show's stars.
finally the TLC network has pulled all airings of its reality show

Josh Duggar, the oldest child of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, admitted to having "acted inexcusably" as a teenager. Now 27, Duggar headed the lobbying arm of antigay Family Research Council of which he has now resigned.

Added to this hot mess, is GOP Presidential candidate, Mike Huckabee waxed on in support of Josh, with his take that somehow this activity wasn't as bad as it seems because he made a mistake and in his words "forgivable." At the time of discovery, the statue of limits had expired therefore no legal actions could be taken. But it was also uncovered that records involving the case had been destroyed by local authorizes.

While 19 Kids is not currently airing, no definitive decision on cancellation has been made by TLC, according to TMZ. The network recently canceled Here Comes Honey Boo Boo after that reality show's matriarch entered into a relationship with an accused child molester.

No one on Honey Boo Boo espoused antigay values, though. The Duggars are well-known for their antigay views, having, among other things, campaigned against an LGBT rights ordinance in Fayetteville, Ark., passed by the City Council but then repealed by voters. A robocall Michelle Duggar recorded for the campaign cast transgender people as child predators. By the way, Michelle Duggar has a lesbian sister, Evelyn Ruark.

LGBT Health Summit Opens Registration

Equal Care for Equal Lives is designed for community members, practitioners, and healthcare professionals to build awareness and cultural competency, to leverage best practices, and to gather resources from leading experts and organizations in the field.
Human Rights Campaign State Director, Kendra Johnson announced that the agency will host the first LGBT Health Summit, June 11, 2015, inside the Brandon Conference Center located on the Children's Hospital Campus, South Building, 11 Children's Way. On site registration opens at 7 a.m.  Conference begins 8am to 4:30 pm with reception to follow. Scholarships, CEU's and other logistic support are being made available based on availability. A online registration portal is now open at www.hrc.org
According to a HRC press release which stated,"together we are making progress on the road to full equality, yet many LGBT Americans still face discrimination in terms of healthcare. Many providers may not know how to serve LGBT people. Ultimately, this creates barriers that result in many LGBT people not receiving the healthcare they need." The session will engaging a broad audience of community members, practitioners, and healthcare professionals, we will create an inclusive healthcare environment for all Arkansans. Topics that will be presented at the summit include updates on: the prevention and treatment of HIV; LGBTQ health disparities; creating welcoming healthcare spaces; financial barriers to the Affordable Healthcare Act and Medicaid; transgender competency; and discussions on what LGBT patients wished their physicians knew
PFLAG Announces June Meeting
The June PFLAG meeting will be on Friday, June 5th from 6:00-8:00 pm., in the back room at Satchemo's Bar and Grill located at 1900 W 3rd St., Little Rock, AR. According to organizers the meeting will consist of old business matters and plans for activity in regards to Pride Month 2015

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