Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Wednesday Spindown and OUT

Zamora Scholarship Available

The Real World CastThe Pedro Zamora Young Leaders Scholarship Program is meant to support and spotlight those young leaders from this generation, whose efforts and leadership continue to carry the torch of young activists like Pedro who fought the HIV/AIDS epidemic of their generation, in ways inspired by their own passions, insights, originality and conviction."

Soon after learning that he was living with HIV at age 17, Pedro (second from right)  dedicated his life to raising public awareness and arming other young people with the information and tools they needed to avoid HIV infection. At the age of 22, Zamora captivated the nation with his openness, compassion, vitality and charisma when he appeared on MTV’s The Real World 3: San Francisco (1994).

Millions of young Americans watched (and through syndication, continue to watch) as this grounded, insightful, gay Cuban-American immigrant – openly living with HIV in a time when the epidemic was often misperceived as a problem mostly for gay white men – left Miami to live with six strangers, amid the constant presence of TV cameras capturing the intimate details of their day-to-day lives. Pedro’s participation in The Real World was a strategic extension of the work he had been doing for almost five years.

Long before The Real World, Pedro provided HIV education to thousands of middle and high school students in small group, classroom, and assembly-style settings; trained educators and counselors in regional and national conferences; gave testimony at Congressional hearings on the needs of young people, especially those of young people of color; and battled stigma by sacrificing his privacy to raise awareness through profiles in major newspapers, and nationally broadcast television.
Pedro’s work was tragically cut short when he died of an AIDS-related illness in 1994.
If you have any questions about the scholarship, please visit the webpage (, or feel free to contact Matt Kennedy at (415)765-0498 or June 15th is the deadline to apply.
Pride in the City: Fort Smith Unveils Unity in the Community Schedule
COP 24/7 continues it effort to spotlight, highlight and showcase news and event from around the state. However, its a two way street folks.
Although we get many tidbits about happenings and such, much of this information still has to be trolled for and dug up usually after the fact.
If this spot is willing to coordinate, disseminate and articulate to our readers why its important to attend, they surely one would think that all event planners, producers, development people, drag MC's or those on the One's and Two's would think to make sure that this platform was on their distribution list. In the meantime and anyway here's the line up.
Watch for more Pride in the City information as it comes in, if it comes in. If not I guess we'll have to go looking for it in order to share it with all of you. Got info share it at
Oxygen Network & NMAC
Partner to Promote The Prancing Elites Project 
NMAC is partnering with the Oxygen Network to provide information and resources for their new show, The Prancing Elites Project.  The show airs every Wednesday at 10PM on Oxygen.  It follows a group of young non-gender conforming black gay men from Mobile, Alabama and their joy of J-Setting.  NMAC is partnering with the Center for Black Equity; their coalition of Black Prides host many J-Setting competitions.  On last night’s show, one of the elites came out as HIV positive.  Unfortunately, this is still a courageous act.  We need to get the message out about the impact that HIV has on young black gay men, particularly in the South.  NMAC applauds the Oxygen Network and The Prancing Elites for their honest portrayal.  Be sure to watch next week’s episode where you find out how the group deals with this revelation.  
J Setting may be a new term to some; it refers to a form of cheerleading and team dance that originated by the Prancing J-Settes from the Jackson State University marching band.  Entertainment mega-star, BeyoncĂ©, brought this dance form to the mainstream in her video Single Ladies. 
Save the Date Event!!
Seating for this activity is limited! RSVP on the Facebook event page or call 501.-379-8203 for more details.


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