Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Cornelius' Talking Out Loud " blog preparing for robust forum!

As I started this blog this month, I actually didn't realize how much time and work this would take. However, I am ready for the challenge and this blog will filled with the latest musing and going on's that come to my desktop. Of course in the politically charged atmosphere, I will began by urging everyone to VOTE. It is the most important statement as a citizen can make. This year it is so vital that each registered person go to the poll and make their choice, no matter what candidate. Over 40 Million women did not participate in the last cycle and millions of African Americans are still not even registered and time is simply running out to be certified. I can't emphasize how important it is to read everything possible and view the debated issues closely. Do not vote absetee, until you have filtered all the pertient information available and assessed the results of your decision. The ballot box is your personal statement on the direction of our country and the resulting legislation that can be passed. In closing, the old adage that rings true now and forever, "you got to stand for something or nothing at all." Register, find your polling place, contact the candidates campaign and above all...VOTE!! Stay tuned

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