Friday, October 01, 2004

In search of "The facts, just the facts, mam!"

The political landscape contiues to wickedly wind it way to November, as the debates have now added another dash to the mixture that we as voters would like increased- "only the facts please!" Pundits, spin specialist and those talking heads such as Presidential advisor, Karen Hughes, seem to keep saying the same things repeatedly. As if they were a broken "replay" button on a CD player. Of course, they say these are "talking points" the campaign wants to re-emphasizes, despite they only address part of the what we the electorate wants- the facts mam, just the facts!
Locally, the speculation and "bad mouthing" concerning the recent developments at the Arkansas Health Dept.'s HIV/STD unit continues as the story appears in national AIDS media on the web. I recieved an e-mail entitled "clarifications,"dycring mis-information about the situation and a "lets throw no stones appeal," of former administrator, Lola Thrower. However,the rumblings that I've heard have actually painted the entire affair with a Soprano-esque atmosphere with Thrower as "mafia diva" simply blinded with power and feared by all who crossed her path. Of course this outrageous scenerio was given limited credence by statements from the Fort Smith Fights AIDS,Executive Director, Jay Burk who took the see no evil, speak no evil , hear no evil approach to management by saying," wasn't his money...he was just doing his job." Meanwhile, as the world turns, the investigation moves forward and we close another session of talking out loud. Stay tuned...

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