Sunday, October 10, 2004

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The last past week has been filled with so much activity and "goings On" that my legal pad had skid marks on it, just trying to keep up with it all. First out, congratulations to all the Compassion Award winners at the Arkansas AIDS Foundation's annual fundraiser held October 8. It was a virtual who's who in attendance especially at the table of which I was seated, which included Pat Obrien, County Clerk contender to Kevin Kresse, who desgined this years award. The Women's City Club provided an appropriate backdrop for the afffair and the foundation raised significant revenue for the coffers. Of course, my interest was piqued by those who attended and should have been ambushed by the "What not to Wear" team, but rather who wasn't in attendance. It seems that the notable mover and shakers of the gay community were "too busy" empire building to attend, but rather let their cash or lack of it speak for them.However, reliable sources in the know, have stated that some gay business people gave "much attitude" when approached about this years event. Unfortunately for the community and after all these years, it seems that the infighting as well as, those who share cubicles in "Ego Towers" are still alive and well. In another interesting note, last evenings program listed past winners which included, Lola Thrower, former ADH HIV/ AIDS administrator, who's program practices are under scrunity from internal ADH auditors and is getting much media attention. Enter Meridith Oakley, Democrat Gazzette colunmist, who has put her two cents in the frey using her column for a little "Throwering" and bashing those underlings who made those silly statements that they were "just doing there jobs." Ms. Oakley's probing questions and observations will ultimately put a bullseye on someone's back, because it seems that issue is becoming a blood sport for everyone, including some politicos who are demanding more audits, canceling that $53,000 computer contract for that unknown CBO (more on that later) and maybe some heads to roll to boot!! Someone call Michael Moore. All this as we attempt to celebrate National Coming Out day , October 11, 2004 in a state that has admendment 3 a "pro-marriage"/ anti-gay admendment on the ballot this November. To my dismay, I recently encountered some community members who thought that the admendment was actually going to provide them a means for wedded bliss, not ban it. And the courts said that this turkey was not confusing to the average voter. Go figure!

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