Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Cornelius gets more Hot, Live and otherwise!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have reached yet another milestone in my life and I wanted to set the record straight. Yes I am 45 years old and don't hate me because I'm still beautiful, dammit. Ok, maybe the beautiful is a bit much, but I'm well on my way to being the person I was born to be, hot, live and otherwise! I had a great birthday with my partner of 14 years, as we spent some quality time in OKC,Oklahoma over the past weekend. Everyone made us feel welcomed and wanted us to find the right mix of activities that would make our short stay simply FABU. There are many options for entertaining one's self in the city. No matter what your heart's desire you can get it 7 days a week and all night if neccessary. Many Thanks to waitstaff of Topanga Grill for the quaint brunch on Sunday. The bartenders at the Boom, Club Rox and The Copa during the Miss OKC US of A pageant. Congrats to Mya Iman on the win. MC Rachel Eriks was in fine form to help keep things moving along. My hats off the OKC for making my B-day one to remember!

Now for the news...In our last blog we updated you on the situation at The Factory nightclub and it seemed uncertain. However, on Friday (8/18/06) the bar was open with a liquor promotion in progress. Some new staffing was in place(?) and no remodel was evident. The entire evening was somewhat surreal as people seemed clueless as to what was really going here. Most of the crowd left ( yes, I said left) before the "mini-show" was to occur. You'll have to stay tuned on this one, because we have not idea how this is going to end.

We are plum proud as punch about having access to the YOU TUBE video vault,as we have begun including them in our blogs. The catalog is vast and we spend a lot time searching for just the right clip that fills our mission to keep you entertained and informed on a variety of subjects. We also will have more of our own version of video shopping and personal weblogs. So much to do and not enough time!!

Mistakes and misprints happen and we are not immune to such instances. Therefore, please be advised that November 7, not the 5th, is when you need to voice your opinion at the polls. Feel free to ask for a paper ballot, these electronic machines may be a disaster in the making. If you are not aware of the cable TV issue surrounding TV Freedom, I suggest that you take a look at this issue and contact your senator.
In Arkansas, that would be, Senator Mark Pryor or Blanche Lincoln. As a matter of action, send them your cable bill with your letter. I don't think they will be paying it, but they'll get the point.

There's so much more, but we'll save it for next time. Until then realize that "none of us are free until all of us are free...!

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