Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Talking Out Loud...Part 1

Excuse me can we talk! Issues abound and it's taken me a few weeks to gather the facts and get my two cent together about it all. There is so much to talk about that I almost didn't know where to start or who to start with. So let's just begin...

Item:It's musical chairs/ owners again at The Factory Nightclub. We've learned exclusively that the entertainment venue is changing hands, yet again. New owner Jassiel,(pictured above)long time Manager of the lounge, stated that the bar will take a new direction in decor and entertainment. He stated that the venue had lost some of it's luster and overall appeal. The club will be closed in late July for 3 weeks and will reopen Mid August with a grand re-opening. Stay tune!

Item: Even though the Arkansas Supreme Court has spoken or should I dare say ruled decidedly, on the misguided policy directive concerning Gay foster parents. It seems that this is simply not enough for politico's seeking office or the Huckster who feels that there should be some type of legislation doctored to keep fully qualified and most of all willing Gay's who wish to participate in the program. All of those who weighed in on this matter, have decided not to acccept studies and broad base testimony that children interacting with gay people in any way will not affect their development or well being.

Item: Whatever happend to the waiting list for the ADAP program? It was in dire straits enough to have local activist Eric Camp, refusing to take his medications in an effort to assist others. Seems like it's significance and The ADAP Working Group that was given the task to monitor the matter have went AWOL. I contacted the then President Elect, Ken Scott about the situation and got a resounding," "DAHHH..I don't know what happened." Does anyone know what became of all those angry people who felt that their lives were in jeporday and proceeded to rattle tin cups as a public demostration of the poverty. Meanwhile, The state has begun it's own version of offering prescription drug coverage with a discount card. However, I'm not clear if any of the retrovirals will be included in this new drug merry-go-round. Go figure?

Item:The midterm elections are aproximately 3 months away and The Stonewall Democrats of Arkansas are meeting on the Third Sunday of each month at the Democratic Party Headquarters. According to the groups website, next meeting is scheduled for August 20. In the meantime, Arkansas Gazette's Kane Webb column( Sun 7/16) concerning "Beebe's Stonewall" highlighted the fact that the Democratic Candidates returned a donation from the group and then did a complete flip flop on his statements to the group about possible discriminatory legislation. Even more surprising was the fact that there seemed to be no mention about the column or the return of the PAC donation anywhere on the ASD website. Webb's column reported "commuinity outrage" about this lack of support. An action alert was circulated on other matters, but mums the word on it's affect. So much for the outrage. I highly encourage everyone to take a friend to the poll in November.

Item: In leiu of the recent local LGBT film festival, I am looking forward to the release of "Invisable Man" directed by the creative force of Bill Duke. The buzz on the film is beginning to swell and I had a chance to catch the online trailer. The storyline deals with those on the "down low" and all that comes with this drama. Most likely this film will probably not make the cut and be shown in Little Rock, but we will make every attempt to keep you updated on this challenging production and update the information as it's released. If you would like the link to the trailer write to us and let us know. Email: Nealix101@comcast.net and we will shoot it to you!

Item:I would like to send a hearty "congrats" to the National Association of BWMT on their 26th annual convention in Long Beach, CA.(July 31- Aug 5) I have attended this convention in the past and was highly educated on a variety of social issues affecting the community at large. Hopefully in 2007, I will get a chance to return to the fold and embrace the diversity and fullfillment that each session offers. Good Luck and Best wishes on a great convention.

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