Thursday, August 31, 2006

Let The fall Games begin

O.K. the summer re-runs have taken their course with you and your household and it's time for some fresh meat, so to speak. Well in our effort to keep giving you more of what you've been looking for,let's highlight some fall entertainment alternatives that run the gambit. On the tube,there are a myraid of shows that are returning or newly produced. If you want my opinion,(and I know you do) I suggest that you check out, The Closer on TNT, Mondays at 8p.m. Kyra Sedgwick stars (and was robbed at the Emmy Awards) giving a robust and rubics cube tour de force performance each week. As character Chief Brenda Johnson, Sedgwick chews scenery and espouses southern charm with arsenic and old lace bravado. When I can't get a chance to watch as presented, I set the VHS tape in order not to miss an episode. Another favorite is Monk, USA, Fridays 8p.m. Emmy Winner Tony Shalhoub continues the offbeat and often hilarious depiction of Dectective Adrian Monk who foils San Francisco crime with his OCD ticks in overdrive. This show now has a catalog of shows available, so if you missed some of the earlier seasons madness they are available. Believe it or not, I actually met an individual while living in San Francisco who resembles Mr. Shalhoub, had OCD,and taught me a great deal about the condition long before the show. Go Figure.

Yes Dorthy gay TV is busting out over at LOGO network featuring a host of original productions and ground breaking series such as Noah's Arc. I 've watched serval episodes, most are humourous and often reality based. If you were a Sex in the City fan, then you'll get a good dose of GBM interaction from bonded friends who share their utmost personal moments with each other usually via the cellphone. The show stars, Daryl Stephens/ Noah, Doug Spearman/Chance, Christan Vincent/Ricky, Jensen Atwood/Wade, and Rodney Chester as Alex. Certain episodes of this show are availble on Comcast On Demand locally. The system has not added LOGO as an option, but we got the Gospel channel instead. I suggest calling Comcast and asking them what's up with that? Or you can get caught up with the boys on DVD at Logo

Need more, well we have more and will continue to update you with our next post.Hopefully you haven't become a couch potato or completely nested with your latest partner, becasue partonizing our local establishments is very important. If we don't serve them, they won't be able to continue to serve us. We have plans to began linking with other outlets in the next 30 days. Networking our resources to keep you informed and encouraged is a vital part of our mission. So be on the lookout for a copy of Pink Spectrum or go to According to the Publishers they have new and exciting plans to come!

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