Monday, September 25, 2006

And the Beat goes on 24/7!

Happy Anniversary to CorneliusOnpoint featuring The Body Politic. We are celebrating our first birthday in cyberspace as your exclusive connection to all that's going on in the global village. During the last year we have moved light years ahead with the addition of our online partenrerships with Odeo podcast, video with YouTube, new links and our continuing efforts of keeping you both entertained and informed. Believe it or not, news and events are coming out the the shoot almost too quickly to cover, therefore we have decided to increase our postings to daily. We are determined to stay on top of breaking news and getting you the latest with each post. And now for the news...

Fashionistas on parade: The fall fashion catwalks were alive and well with the latest offerings from the fashion Gods. Trendsetters state that it's all about the Marie Antoinette look, featuring those umpire waist and bubble bottoms with wispy hair do's. Even the MGA pageant organizers are getting in on the scene, requring contestants to show their creativity with patterns from the era. Hopefully, everyone will keep the heads about this look, because it's not for everyone.

Manscaping 2006: In case you haven't notice, there are so many products our their to enhance your man's appearance and attitude. Counters in upscale stores are fully stocked with creams, onintments and sprays to take your stud muffin to the next level. One such product, Headblade, sold by Rite Aid that it suppose to give you head to die for. Equipped with special jells and specific razors, this product will make everyone want to just "touch it" according to it's ad tag line. Also, for those needing a weight loss plan, enter the Perricone Weight Loss diet from Dr. Nicolas Perricone, M.D. who swears that his 3 part plan has a means to loose fat, wrinkles, and years on your life. Perricone also states that this diet is beneficial to HIV-affected individuals who possibly are in the wasting syndrome. He encourages an organic program covering the body inside and out. Of course, super hunk model, Jon Jonsson (pictured above) of Iceland probably doesn't need any help from me on maintaining a great body. He was the last man standing one the Bravo reality model contest earlier this year. On the website, Jon utters the "F-word" ,talks about his new girl, how much he likes ice cream sandwiches and how he's not comfortable taking nude photos. Need we say anything else.

FAST FACTS: The Stonewall Democrats have monthly meetings at the Democratic HQ, go to their website, for more information.

Race Equailty week ( Sept. 25-29 2006 )

Friends of Sidetracks has a new web group on Yahoo. Go to Yahoo to sign up or for more information.

Congrats to Taylor Madison Monroe, MGA and Raven St. James 1st Alternative

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