Saturday, September 09, 2006

Let The fall Games begin..Part Deux

Nine weeks and counting. The mid-term elections are rapidly approaching and I hope that your guns are a blazin, locked and loaded to send a message to our employees in Washington. Enough is enough and the people must speak loudly this fall to let our lawmakers know that we've all had it with the bamboozling that going from the White House to the Congressional Chambers.
In the comming weeks we will offer our candidate endorsement post, as we way out the pro's and con's of each candidate. We further suggest that you find your polling place early and plan your stratergy. No matter, your vote is vital. Our call to action: call a friend and remind them to vote!

Bar Update: We have an update on the happenings at "The Factory" nightclub. We got an ear full from new owner, Jassiel, who has stated that the first phase of the makeover is taking place in the space known as,"The Loft" and will be transformed into a multi-use room with a cabaret feel. The new hours, (which we find a bit strange and probably will need some real tweaking) are Thursday thru Sat from 8-until and a talent night to be held on the last Sunday of the Month opening at 8 p.m. A revolving cast with undetermined "early" showtimes will be a feature of the new lounge. Stay Tuned...

Katie, Rosie, Meredith, Oh my! Yes the TV fall mix-up is in full swing as eveybody changes places and confuses endearing fans with their whereabouts. However, in case your score card has not been updated here's the scoop. Katie Couric is the sole anchor over at CBS news and doing quite nicely. Her debut to me was a "much a do about nothing." I felt it went smoothly and she seemed at ease with telling us the news. You go Katie. Meanwhile, Rosie O donnell brings her "Power Lesbian Mom" attitude to The View this season and Meredith Vierra will freshen up morning show TODAY at NBC. On the homefront, the local affiliates continue to punish early viewers with uninspired casting. First up, KARK had the bright idea to revive Matt Moseler's career with another boring turn at hosting a morning show after being shown the door by KATV some years ago. However, Channel 7 continues to be a bright spot with it morning offerings of live shots, gadgets and local musical guest. KTHV's staid and reliable cast are a viable alternative, unless you decide to just skip it all and stay asleep instead.

Fast Fact: Sidetracks, the "NO COVER" northside club house is looking for you and wants to reach out and touch, so go to their web site and check in at Tell em The Body Politic sent ya.
The Stonewall Democrats will be hosting a fundraiser at the Weekend Theatre, 9/15 at 7p.m. For more info go to

Next up..Fall fashion, Election news, New Video and our first free stuff contest. If you've got something on your mind, let us know at

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