Friday, September 29, 2006

Talking Out Loud...Part3

We've returned to our series of "talking out loud" pieces that are a fast paced review of happenings that just need a brief airing. So with out further due, here we go.

First up, how much more Oprah can a person stand. I mean is it not enough that she's a daily TV fixture, staring at me from the grocery newstand, DVD's, political candidate write-in and now O and Friends on XM. Enough already. To my chagrin, I've found other important things to do with my time, like building my own media empire, instead of watching the chat queen talk about bras, her favorite things or other yawn subjects that titilate her demographics. It must be so convenient to be friend of the Big O. You get not only air time, but book deals and many other development opportunities to demonstrate the next big brand. Of course, I digress and will check my hate meter. Meanwhile, I do appreciate her efforts to make change with her cash flow in Africa, New Orleans and colleges. However, despite it all, Oprah's Big Adventure rolls on, just without me in tow.

E-Voting is just around the corner as we are now aproximately 39 days away from the Mid-Term elections. Are you ready and updated on what the candidates really stand for. Well, the rhetoric has been hard and heavy within the last few weeks. Mike Bebee with his everyman stance on gun control and middle class concerns has filled the airways on how he's the man for us. On the flip side Asa "homeland security" Hutchinson is standing with small school districts, immigration problems and knowing what's best for Arkansas. I'm not excited about either, but I'm leaning toward the Po Dunct upbringing guy who has now amassed a million dollar war chest to convince me. For Mayor: Maybe Mark Stodola ? Don't forget to cast your ballot on Nov. 7 For more info:

Local Color: Recently, The Body Politic has been fielding questions concerning the L.R. gay community support of it's establishments and outlets. In an effort to report our findings we will be commissioning a poll to extract feedback on what the community deems issues, complaints and wish list. If you have questions you would like to submit feel free to E-mail us at Stay tune for the results.

Fast Fact: Did you know that 2 Billion people on earth don't have access to clean water?
Did you know that 41% of people living with HIV/ AIDS reside in the south and this statistic consist of a disproportiate amount of African Americans espeically black hetrosexual women?

Next up: our new Podcast... stay tune and tell a friend that we are giving you more of what you've been looking for!

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