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The Alphabet Soup Monte 2007

The Alphabet Soup Monte. What's that all about? Well it's those ubiquitious letters, GLBTQ that are used to encompass the various elements of the big gay tent society. Sometimes I find myself overwhelmed at trying to find the right mix or order. Is the "L" before the "G," ? When did the "Q" take it place in the order of things and if the "B" actually stand of Bixseual, where's the designation for Black or can it be interchanged at the beginning as necessary? All of this makes you go, "Hmmmmm?" Regardless of the order, the individuals under this cobbled together rainbow are the most important factor as well as the lives that they are leading. I have been emphatic that this forum has made a committment to highlight all, no matter where they may fall in the alphabet matrix. In true, Seasame Street fashion, today's posting will deal with the letter, "T" for Transgendered.

Transgendered 101: Advocate columinist, Joanne Herman is an outspoken authority on the various issues dealing with those who are making "transitions" in their lives. Her column and website, complete with video is a storehouse of information, links and portals. This celebrated

Darmouth graduate serves on the boards of The National Center for Transgendered and PointsFoundation, a scholarship organization designed to assist with the financial needs of those in educational pursuits. I was very impressed with her recent contribution concerning, Transexual Regrets and wanted to share an excerpt. The full article can found on her website,

Transsexual regret

When you know someone who's undergone sex-reassignment surgery, the possibility of regret may feel like the proverbial elephant in the room. But what is the prevalence of regret, and why does regret occur?

By Joanne Herman

the release of Renée Richards’ latest book, No Way Renée: The Second Half of My Notorious Life, the topic of transsexual regret has once again come out of the closet. Her book is primarily the story of her family, career, tennis, and social life. Yet in a pre-release interview with The New York Times, the reporter asked Richards if she regrets having had sex-reassignment surgery. And even though Richards said no, the headline was "The Lady Regrets." Why is there such curiosity about whether post-op transsexuals regret their surgery?
As background, transsexual people are but one part of the very diverse group under the transgender umbrella. Many transgender people actually do not undergo a gender transition. But a transsexual person, on the other hand, feels so strongly about having a gender identity at odds with his or her anatomy that he or she seeks medical intervention or physical change. Some transsexual people do not need sex-reassignment surgery (SRS) to resolve the incongruity, while others desire it but cannot afford it.

NCTE Lobbies Congress: The National Center for Transgender will take to Capitol Hill, May 15 in a continuing program to educate lawmakers about legislation impacting the transgender community.
According to Mara Keisling, Executive Director the group is poised to bring together the largest delegation of transgendered individuals ever at this event. NCTE is seeking a repeal of the impending Real ID ACT scheduled to be implemented in Spring 2008. This act could impact the T-community as follows:

It could make it almost or totally impossible for transgender people in some or all states to obtain accurate drivers' licenses causing a virtual inability to participate in everyday aspects of society such as driving, traveling on airplanes, purchasing alcohol or opening bank accounts;

It will expose transgender people to routine discrimination everywhere IDs are inspected, including in employment, in schools, purchasing goods or otherwise conducting business, at any security check-in, etc.

It would likely expose transgender people's personal medical information to databases accessible by all local state and federal law enforcement officers and others;
Because it would require every driver in the United States to renew their driver's license from scratch with proof of birth, residence and citizenship, those trans people who have acquired gender changes on licenses without proof of genital surgery could lose their accurate ID.

Also, the organization is seeking supporters for (ENDA) the Federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act, which would address "gender identity," making it illegal to fire or not hire qualified individuals. Other measures to be outlined include the Local Law enforcement Hate Crime Prevention Act which would provide a conduit to local law enforcement agencies to deal with sexual orientation, identity, or disability crimes. The organization encourages everyone to contact their Congress represenative about these issues and express your self accordingly. For more information, including a on line petition and educational guide for download, go to there website: Locally you can contact, Arkansas Transgender's website:

If you are in Northwest Arkansas:

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