Thursday, April 05, 2007

Waiting to Exhale...part 1

Life imitataing art or is art imitating life. That's the $100, 000 dollar question that I struggle with daily. The 24/7 media crush is such a force in our everyday lives, that the bombardment of breaking news, sorted facts, details, rumors and "just the facts mam" can be overwhelming for just one person. However, The Body Politic beat goes on, as I continue to bring you the most interesting people and the news they create.

Heartbreak Hotel: Superstar Diva, Whitney Houston has been given full child custody of Bobbie Kristina in her recent divorce proceedings from Bobby Brown. Houston who filed for divorce in 2006, stating irreconcilable difference, emphatically stated to the court, "He's unreliable," referencing Browns attitude towards his daughter. She also added," he says he will be there, but often he's not. He doesn't show up." The court cited that Ms. Houston is not seeking any spousal or child support from the 14 year marriage, as a means of expediting the final divorce decree to be finalize in late April. Houston wedded Brown in 1992. According to Clive Davis, her mentor/producer the singer is recording new music for an anticipated new CD.

Mcmillian and Wife: Terry Mcmillian, 55 and Jonathan Plummer, 32, never ending saga, continues with Mcmillian filing a 40 Million dollar suit against her former husband of six years. She alleges that Mr. Plummber has not followed court ordered measures, including contact with her. The suit is a laundry list of allegations that Mcmillian has openly described as "putting her in harms way and hurting her professional standing..." She vehemently decries that Plummer was a con man who used her to gain his U.S. citizenship, commit fraud and later an extortionist. Futhermore, Mcmillian has exhaled verbage in which she describes some gays as "heterophobes " and has often referred to Plummer as the" little faggot." Mcmillian has purportedly discussed her situation with everyone from Miss "Oprah," Congresswomen Maxine Waters to former President Clinton and anyone else who will listen. Plus she published a open essay about the matter in the The Honeymoon's Over Anthology. Meanwhile, Plummer, a hair designer has rebuffed the new allegations and lawsuit which includes his attorney, Delores Sargent. Citing that Mcmillian has continued her spewing publicly which has'nt lead to a cessation of hositilities. Stay tuned...
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