Monday, April 09, 2007

Waiting to Exhale...part 3

I lived through the Go-Go 70's with wide eyed glee and amazement at the my new found surroundings and it's inhabitants. I could'nt believe how much fun everyone seemed to be having and seemingly their willingness to accept me into the circle of madness. I was living " the out life," complete with soundtrack featuring, Chic, Peaches and Herb, Ritche Family, Anita Ward, Thelma Houston and ubber group, The Village People. I didn't desire to be a member of the group, but rather exude the confidence and coolness aura that filled the air each time I heard their music. Flash forward 30 years and The Village People, despite personnel changes, lives on. Meanhwile landing as apart of the 2007 Hot Springs Music festival scheduled for this week. After all these years, this group has decided to grace the state with their presence and decades old music that revives our toe tapping 70's sensabilities. However, life ushers in growth, maturity and reassessment of one's journey even though the music continues to be apart of the backdrop. I experienced the blur of being the "Dancer at the Dance", yet the fatansy of me being a "Macho Man," has been retooled, as well as redefined over the years, ultimately taking me to a higher plane of deeper living and richer experiences. Even though time has moved on, I can still enjoy dancing to the oldies, just a bit slower.

GOOD TIMES: As posted before, the haunt at the intersection of Asher and Wright Avenue has been undergoing some upgrades. Apparently in our search for the BLGTQ community, we've discovered that many have either gone underground, hanging in straight clubs or either this place. Once known as The Spot party room, the venue is being renamed, GOOD TIMES , according to an unfinished sign out front. Question: what painter doesn't allow enough paint for his project, is beyond me? But I digress. I've been to this joint in the past with host Sylvia Delassandro and was befuddled at the operation, not to metinon a then, $20 dollar cover that got you very little value. Insiders have told us that this "party room," has become a crowd pleasing, weekend throw-down for women of color from around the Central Arkansas area. Now hosted by "Angie," this late night bash features Drag Kings & Queens, Quasi-pageants and R&B/ hip-hop dance energy. We might take another look in the near future. As we can determine, admission cost is $10, beverages are available and it opens somewhere around 11p.m. or so until it's over.

Business After Hours: It's right around the corner, April 12. The 2nd business Afterhours project will be hosted by at Sidetracks, 415 Main in North Litttle Rock. (501.244.0444) This event will coincide with the opening of the new ball park. Parking will be at a preminum. Sidetracks, has a trolly stop at it's front door. This would be a great alternative to driving. This Free networking event, featuring a mini-buffet, cash bar and fun is open to community at large. If you need info, contact us at

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