Monday, February 04, 2008

Are you ready to Rumble...

O.K. folks, it's here, Super Tuesday commenth Feb.5, 2008 and it's all about you plus your vote. Due to my hectic scheduling, I've already cast my vote in early voting, but if you were just to busy, didn't know where to go, forgot or somehow didn't realize that you could early vote. Tomorrow is your time to join the democratic process of making you choice for the candidate for which you believe can take the helm of this nation and bust a move for the better. Ladies and Gentlemen and all those who have'nt decided, the time is now to select a nominee to go to the mat in November for the general election. I encourage all of you to get the polls early, take a friend, notify your neighbor, tell a stranger, but of things, get out and vote like your life depends on it! It's just that important. Need a link for info, we've got it for you.
For Arkansas voter information, please see or call 1.866.MYVOTE 1 for direct response to voting problems or concerns.

HIV Task Force Re-do: In a previous post I explored the recent announcement of the newly created HIV-AIDS task force appointments from Gov. Beebe. The vibe that I'm getting is that many in the HIV-AIDS community and beyond are not overly enthusiatic with the choices or skeptical of the mission of this group. Now, let's be clear, there was a process, however I cited that it was a bit awkward in my opinion, but a "search team" was formed and they sought out candidates statewide. The ultimate question that must be addressed is if those who are dissatisfied with the final choices, contacted other possible choices to pursue this commission. I've stated in the past and I stand firm, that the destiny of any issue relies on the those who participate in the process. That means, either step up, show up or shut up. It's just that simple, people. In full disclosure, I was contacted about serving on the this task force, however, I declined due to other obligations. As we continue to bring you breaking news about us and for us, this forum was first in bringing the formation of this group to the table for discussion. For the record, I got "crickets" which means silence. Included in this posting is a reader response on the issue. It's unedited and unfiltered. As usual I encourage you to share your views, rants, two cents or thoughts with us any old time.


In reference to the Governor's HIV Task Force which is being put together. After reading the names of the newly appointed panelist, I am saddened. Several of those listed I hold in high esteem, others are certainly questionable. I also find a lack of "community voice", those living with the disease. Many community activist/advocates such as Eric C, Bob C, Rick R would certainly add valuable input, along with several others scattered across our state. In my opinion, those living with HIV/AIDS , would indeed add value and sincerity and knowledge to the group. By adding Case Managers and State pay-rolled members and Doctors in the mix, we will only end up as we have in the past, moving slowly and missing valuable input from those that actually live and suffer daily. We once again end up with the same ole, same ole.

Steve Thomas

We will be circulating our newly produced public service announcement about National Black HIV/AIDS Day, to all our subcribers and e-listers. If you have'n't subscribed, do it today. Meanwhile, we have'nt bee able to verfiy what's happening locally. Has the ball been dropped yet again? We are on the info hunt and will spotlight what's really going on or not going on in the community. Stay tuned. Prevention is Power! Brought to you from Arkansas' online destination for news, commentary, links, video, podcasting and so much more from over the rainbow and beyond. Need more, click it to:

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