Tuesday, June 26, 2012

TIdes High and Low

More Pride in the Ctiy

It seems that there are more "Prides" than meet the eye. Case in point, on Facebook I've seen mentions of "Little Rock Pride" that is suppose to stepping off July 22 under the title "One Heart, One Love and One Pride." Then there's this to support the poster...

" Its time to plant a new tree!! That's right a new tree called Unity. Now I have meet a lot of genuinely nice people in the community but the problem is we just don't know how to "Be" around each other. We form families to find family! The connection, the belonging, the love, but instead we get a lot of chaos and drama that could be easily solved and resolved only if we just tried. No matter what we label ourselves the truth is we have developed hardened hearts through the struggles of just being us and trying find out who we are. Club Goodtimes with Host Angiesaidthat Comedian Angie is asking that the Devorie's, Coi'yell's, Love's, Monroe's, Couture's, Dior's, Monroe's, Jolie's, Dupree's, Iman's, Dickerson's, Sanchez's, Armore's, Royal Swagger's, Armonie's, Gotti's, Bugotti's, LAPK on the Move's, PBS's, 727's, Soyo's, Currency's, be in attendance for the One Heart, One Love, One Pride Unity After party. Going down at 3910 Asher Avenue!!!See More — with Blu Gotti and 47 others.

I have to assume that there is suppose to be some "meeting of the minds" or reconnecting of some sort that is being sought. Of course I'm all about resolving and making amends when things go awry but it seems that this could be a teachable moment across the board for both individuals and community wide. In the meantime, as more develops about this mash-up, you'll hear about it here first.

NWA Pride June 30, 2012 – Fayetteville, AR
June 30, 2012 - Line up will start at 8 AM
This year's parade will be line-up in the parking lot on the corner of Meadow Street and Church Avenue, Fayetteville, AR., with the parade starting at 10 AM.

We also have our theme, "Color Outside the Lines” - Celebrating the community in a red state. The parade will be dedicated Linda Wilson, Diversity Pride Events, and Art Beeghly (NWA Center for Equality), both who left this world in 2011, but helped a community flourish in NW Arkansas.

All Out June Events Following Fayetteville Pride Parade
All Out June Festival after the parade at Powerhouse 112 N. University Avenue

The White Party happens that night at Speakeasy

9pm at 3983 Sycamore Dairy Road, Fayetteville

GEAR Program - Social Picnic
July 12 – 6:30pm
The Center at CAR
800 Scott St. LR
Inside First Presbyterian

This event is specifically for current members of GEAR and other transgender and gender variant community members and their partners.
CAR will provide hot dogs, buns, drinks, ice and paper goods. Please bring a dish to share

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