Monday, June 11, 2012

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Ever since its inception, this forum has done it's damnest to be on the cutting edge of not only the latest information but certainly all things techno and such.  As I try to forget those neanderthal dial up days as well as those floppy disc or all manner of computer hardware dinosaurs that at that time I thought were just terrific. However as time would have it, the tech hits have evolved and this forum is always ready to utilize the latest gizmo or platform to get our message out. COP 24/7 keeps kicking it out there and pumping it up for all the world to enjoy. Now let's go get em...

Pride in the City

Well it's here again, Pride 2012 and the week is scheduled with an interesting mix of items ranging from The Voice of Pride Karaoke Kick Off Kontest (sic) Saturday June 16 to the Annual Turnabout mash up next Sunday June 24. So far these are events that will be spearheaded by the management and staff of the north shore's Trax, as well as 610 Center and MK's in the Seventh Street corridor. Also during the week there will be a Toga Party, Vodka Drown Night and something called a "wrestlemania" competition. Is that "sumo wrestling" or "mud wrestling?" As soon as we can best determine we'll let ya know. Here's a high five for putting forth the effort on offering something than putting together nothing. I've come to understand that these are the activities that have some sort of appeal. Even though I would prefer something with more substance and perhaps a "teachable moment" its obvious that if that's what I want then I have to assume that I need to produce it. In the meantime, this forum is still attempting to sort out the interesting goings on and mash up concerning the "who, what, when,where or the "WTF" about Little Rock slash Arkansas Black Pride. To date we didn't get no shout out from Mr. E Fowlkes, CEO of International Federation of Black Prides on any of the alleged bizarre business that took place( i.e. missing door receipts, purchases promised but undone, poor administrative oversight) not to mention that "loan" that has yet to be repaid or actually addressed by organizers. What has transpired has been lots of talk about "lawyering up", many individuals with hurt feelings and ongoing community fracturing that serves no one. There's plenty of "big talk" on Facebook concerning Little Rock Black Pride 2012 and what's more amazing is a a bonafide commercial with a new an improved Little Rock skyline which actually is not this city. Its more like say "L.A." as in Los Angeles or maybe even the ATL?
What's up with that Global Sparkell? Couldn't find no footage of exciting Little Rock to use in this video flim flam. So if our skyline is being faked, then I'm beginning to wonder what else will be faked in this event. Therefore, heads up community, buyers be weary of the hype.

Comcast Goes Pride Wide

They did it and sorta didn't let us know, but Comcast has a On Demand selection that will celebrate LGBTQ Pride month featuring movies, video news shorts, and other assorted related material. I checked it out last weekend and found it engaging and kinda entertaining. Especially since I have some angst over the fact that I would prefer to see many other channels than those within my current package. I use to have "all things comcast," until I realized that I just couldn't stomach another ESPN or other channels that I had no use for. Unfortunately, some of the items offered are tad bit dated such as the 2008 Mr. Canada  pageant documentary recounting the challenges of being chosen to carry the title. I couldn't help myself to watch this item as to exactly what did it take to become Mr. Canada and who would be seeking that title. What I discovered was an interesting mix of basically white men with your basic personality flair and ambitions. The 2008 winner was Darren Bruce who tells his view of his journey of winning the title. Of course some pageant winners are nothing more than that "contest winners," but I liked the fact that Bruce actually did some public service announcements and other media concerning equality issues in that country. Wow if only we could get some of those royalty types to such work or maybe otherwise. There's plenty of volunteer fundraising going on but some of those volunteer hours could beneficial within community based organizations who are trying to make a difference in the city. If any of these folks needs some helpful hints, hit up this forum for some ideas and prospects. Also on Comcast you can see "Pariah" the recently released movie dealing with young lesbian love, plus there's the Noah's Arc movie, "Jumping the Broom" which was released a few years ago. It was hoped that the movie would lead to either the LOGO show being revived or perhaps at least another movie update. But, none of this happen and fans have been embittered ever since. Thanks Comcast for this mixed bag of rather dated items that at least those who missed them the first time around can check them out now. Its worth the trip down memory lane as I may watch Brokeback Mountain again for that classic line, "I wish I knew how to quit you, Ennis!" or something to that affect. Take a look and share your thoughts here! I'm embedding Bruce's piece and see if he deserved to be Mr. Canada!

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