Thursday, June 28, 2012

Twista Thursday

The Afforable Health Care Act Passes the SCOTUS Test

On this historic day, President Obama stepped to the podium to message to its citizens that the wealthiest nation on the planet will indeed move to make health care a priority for its people. This measure just as many other legislative edicts will most likely require some tweaking, but the fact remains that allowing at least 33 Million Americans a chance to access health care is nothing short of a tremendous forward shift that will in the long run get early detectation rates up, deal with chronic illness such as HIV and AIDS and usher in a period where persons in need of care will not fret seeing a doctor due to their financial constraints or diastrous bankruptcy situations. I personally can atest to rigors of dealing with the health care system. For years I struggled to keep insurance through a myraid of jobs, including accessing the expensive COBRA insurance stream in between jobs in order to qualify for any future insurance options.  In 2004,  I was diagnoised with a degenerative condition called avascular necrosis which would require pricey hip replacement surgery. However, my condition was tagged as "pre-exisiting" and no insurance including High Risk Pool insurance was available for me. Consequently I had to find a means to navigate through numerous programs and services in search of accessing the care and finding specialist Dr. Gordon Newbern who would solve my situation and improve my quality of life. It is life changing circumstances such as this that will be afforded many of my fellow citizens through this act. Although Obama will have to endure terse reactions from his detractors and most certainly a monstrous assault from his haters, it is no doubt that  this hard fought victory that no other American President has waged and won, is now in fact done. The Supreme Court and its Chief Justice Roberts have spoken. Now its high time that the country embrace the personal responsibility of engaging insurance for each our health care sakes. Bravo and Viva! Obama for standing firm in the belief that health care is not a priviledge but rather a right to be accessed by all. Amen.
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