Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Tuesday Take Away

Did I say that it takes mucho effort and a colossus amount of time to produce COP 24/7? Well, if I haven't let me say it again, this takes work my readers as does anything that you want to keep current and functional. Some day's I ponder, so why keep doing this? Is this being of service to anyone? Who cares what you think, who you see or for that fact how do we know that you know "what's really going on?"  As all of these questions rolled around in my head, I keep thinking maybe there's one person out there in sitting in front of their screen getting informed, updated or perhaps inspired by this digital time capsule that I am creating. I would hope that maybe, just maybe, at least one person would gain some understanding or garner a "teachable moment," from something that I shared that might make a difference in their life.

And with  that thought, I have continued to produce COP 24/7 for now 10 years and counting. Its been a great run that I never thought would do much or even for that matter "say" much except random musings and chatter. However, I've decided that none of that matters, because I too stand with those whom believe that " I AM Enough." My contributions are enough. My words are enough. My vision, commitment, tenacity, advocacy, relationships and being the man who I am is totally and simply enough. Now let's do COP 24/7....

Rainbows Reign Across Arkansas

On the heels of the marriage equality breakout and current "stay" in May, Pride season 2014 is off and running with a vengeance!

The season commenced with Conway Pride,( June 1) which featured their long running parade from the Pink House to Simon Park with participants carrying a huge rainbow flag and a array of local groups and community based groups such as the Center for Artistic Revolution and the Human Rights Campaign Fund. Up to 150 people enjoyed food vendors and other entities offering organizational information or opportunities to volunteer at future events.

Congrats go out to the organizers and supports of Arkansas River Valley Pride (June 3-8) sponsored by the River Valley Equality Center in Fort Smith.

This week long event ran from June 3 -8 culminating in a big Miss River Valley Pageant and show as well as Tea Dance Brunch at Kinkades on Garrison Avenue.

Continuing, Hot Spring's first community pride picnic was held June 8 where attendees gathered to "mix and mingle," despite threatening skies that didn't deter individuals from showing up and celebrating the event. (pictured left)

This Saturday the Northwest Equality Center will host at parade and picnic at Wilson Park 675 N Park Ave in Fayetteville, AR from 11-2pm with the parade route beginning at Club Push. For more information click it to: (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Piggy-Back-NWA/303191979832739      
Watch this platform for more details on the many upcoming events and celebrations in Arkansas and all across the Mid-south.

The READ Rolls Out Across Arkansas and Mid South

Our new LGBTQ newspaper, The READ, can be found at the following locations or by a yearly subscription for $25 in support of our advocacy work for equality in Arkansas. Call us at 501-379-8203 for more information. For Advertising call 501-349-7777 

 Thanks to our current advertisers and we look forward to others joining us soon!! Check out the online version at www.theread.net

Adult Video- 2301 W. 65th St., Little Rock, AR
Cupid's- 3920 W. ...
65th St., Little Rock, AR
5400 J.F.K. Blvd, North Little Rock, AR
6111 John Harden Dr, Cabot, AR
Adam and Eve- 1510 S University Ave, Little Rock,AR
Health for Life (Dr. Jefferson)- 1100 N. University Ave., #260, Little Rock, AR
JCCSI- 2020 W. 3rd St., Little Rock, AR
Twisted Entertainment- 1007 W. 7th St., Little Rock, AR
RAO Video- 609 Main St., Little Rock, AR
AR Library Systems (Downtown)- 1800 Chester St., Little Rock, AR
Trax- 415 Main St., North Little Rock, AR
The Legacy Hotel- 625 W. Capitol Ave., Little Rock, AR
The Alliance- The University of Arkansas at Little Rock, 2801 S. University Ave., LR
Chamber of Commerce- 100 Main St., North Little Rock, AR
The Pink House- Conway, AR
Divine Imaging- 3000 Kavanaugh Blvd., Little Rock, AR
AR AIDS Foundation- 523 S. Louisiana St., Little Rock, AR
C.A.R.- 800 Scott St., Little Rock, AR

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