Monday, August 04, 2014

The COP 24/7 Handbasket

Its Quarter 2014 and counting toward our tenth anniversary of producing CorneliusOnpoint.
Amazing as that seems and almost damn near unbelievable, it's true. Who knew when this little experiment in citizen journalism that was a newby medium would have any staying power. It all begin as a means to wax on using that new fangled Internet thing that I had no formal training about or at times understanding of just what the heck was a "blog."

Although it was new frontier at that time with not much direction, it appeared that you could just go for it. And so I did. I went for it in all directions until I found my way that what I had stumbled upon was the new digital pubic square where I could be the town crier. Launching as "The Body Politic," I was off and running trying to decide how it worked and why I should be doing it. It soon became my creative obsession ultimately evolving to the "Talking Out Loud," platform and finally morphing into its current status as "CorneliusOnpoint."

What a ride it's been with all the twist and turns, trying to be in the game with little notice but with sights on being of service to those whom found our brand of coverage either interesting or inspirational. As we talk about legacies and what have we done to be proud, I would say that this time capsule of what I viewed as "what was going on," is in fact just that, another snapshot of my life's journey. I'm glad that I could take a few of you with me. Thanks for reading, checking in or stopping by. Hopefully you'll keep coming back from all over Arkansas and believe it or not, many far away places too.

AHPG Announces Next Meeting Date

The Arkansas HIV Planning Group is proud to announce August 8, as it's next meeting for 2014. The group highly encourages it's member partners, service providers, clinicians, PLWHA and the
community at large to join them from 10am - 1pm in the Arkansas Department of Health Auditorium, 4815 West Markham Street in Little Rock.

According to the group's Co-Chair, Ms. Courtney Hampton, the bi-monthly meetings are completely open to anyone and everyone interested in continuing to bring awareness around HIV and AIDS, additional health disparities and increasing the wellness of our community. The focal point of the next meeting will be centered around the groups directive to address its formal jurisdictional plan as to the impact of local prevention programming and activities. 
Also during the meeting, there will be an unveiling of the impending plan to utilize $80,000 in funding returned to ADH earlier this year. The devised plan will consist of instituting a "community outreach mobilizer" concept which will include directly contracting with qualified individuals across the states 5 regions. Finalization of the concept is being concluded this week with contracts expected to be awarded by Mid-August. The agenda also includes an introduction of Mr. Nick Butler, who has been hired as a Linkage to Care specialist in an effort to address the dilemma and challenge of individuals who have care continuum issues.

Please call the HIV/STI/HEP C section for more information at 661-2961 and to RSVP your attendance.

SIGN IN: Guard’s desk in front of building on 2nd floor (top of stairs)

HANDICAP ACCESS: South end of building with ramp access.
PARKING: Visitors may park in designated areas in front of the building and directly across Monroe street (between War Memorial stadium and grass field with track)
Gay Voices Across the State Emerge

Jason Wiest was announced on June 23rd as the new host of KABF 88.3’s “Big Gay Radio Show,” the state’s only LBGT issue-oriented programming. Of course, COP 24/7 welcomes Mr Wiest to the scene but has issues with the proclamation that his "new" show is the "only LGBT issue" oriented programming. Well if you read the above intro, its simply just not true. However, as this "newby" makes his way to the airwaves, it is always good to hear that other individuals are ready to forge ahead in the area of communicating to the LGBTQ community.  For history sake, his foray in to gays on the radio is not new either. I find this extremely interesting since his day gig is as a speechwriter for none other than the Governor himself and he touts his journalism back ground. Seems like I would have done a little investigating before allowing this claim be attributed to himself. But let's not allow his youthful exuberance be so obvious as to others such as myself whom have made the media rounds openly speaking to LGBTQ issues for several decades.
Meanwhile, the break through program that was also on KABF in its infancy was "Queer Frontier," which  had a run featuring news and such in its hey day some three decades ago. Also if we are going to talk about "gay media" in the state, there have been any numerous tabloids, newsletters and short form pieces ranging from The Lariat produced by the Diamond State Rodeo Association, The Advisor which was at the forefront of reporting about HIV and AIDS in the state, up to the current The READ which is now partnered with COP 24/7 with both a terra firma and digital presence, which is a first for the state. In this age of digital town squares, COP 24/7 has
always been no the look out for those social media sites that also add to the communication arsenal including the recent launch of Arkansas Delta LGBT Newsletter produced by Mr. Earl Young. Even though Mr. Young now resides in St. Louis, it was his decision to reach back to the Delta area to give voice to those who may be seeking information. Mr. Young stated that despite his efforts, he has not had the interaction that he thought, but believes that there are individuals in the area that may soon discover his site.(pictured: Tonya E. Editorial Director)
Mr.Danny Harris also communicates across the state through his Empowerment newsletter that shares many levels of information and personal testimony in his statewide outreach work in the area of HIV and AIDS.
Each month Mr. Harris produces the online publication that serves as a communication item of the ARCare health agency which also highlights services, support groups and insights from contributors. And there's more! We can't leave out Velocity produced by the Center for Artistic Revolution that also has a wealth of information ranging from youth oriented possibilities to policy alerts. This group also has a e-blast that contains urgent updates, announcements and challenges that many times are re-posted in this forum. So as you can see, there is lot's of talking going on beyond the radio including did we mention a new podcast coming from COP 24/7 this week? Welcome to the party Jason, we're glad you decided to join us. Good luck!

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