Thursday, August 07, 2014

Throwback Thursday

It trends much across the digital platforms and I couldn't help but join in the fun with our version of a "Throwback Thursday," turn. It seems to be all the rage! So COP24/7 will post some throwback stuff from our vault of "what was really going on then, since we were musing on about this and that.

Back Talking HIV in 2011
Here's more evidence that there's been plenty of programming and "back talking about HIV" across the community. The featured video is from the 2011 AIDS Symposium produced by Future Builders, Inc. which was been a grantee in 2009 to reduce risky behaviors associated with the transmission of HIV/AIDS of 600 African American homeless individuals to this presentation around the intersections of HIV and smoking. Ms. Gisele H. of ADH who was known for her candidness and frankness then still continues to be upfront with straight talk today.

Although this well produced video was posted to YouTube, it was no viral sensation unlike many other catatonic pieces that has lot's of America mesmerized for reason unknown to this forum. We thought that this too was worth a double-take as throw back Thursday.

Throwing Back Thursday: Talking Out Loud Part 2
Editors note: This content appeared "Thursday, August 17, 2006. It is unedited and is being presented as it was posted. Amazing as it seems that the old seems new again?
Breaking News is the new catch phrase of the year. Everything seems to be breaking news these days. Especially over at the piranna newtwork, CNN, which gobbles up news incesantly and then spews it viewers repeatedly from all aspects. Don't get me wrong, I like CNN and News Stud Anderson "360" Cooper, but often I wish they would give us a break on the breaking news. Every container, flash flood, sink hole, or stupid criminal act gets reported until something really happens. Talk about the fast and furious.

Meanwhile, locally we reported in our last blog, about the musical chairs being played at The Factory nightclub. However, apparently the music has also stopped. There has been no "oh so 3 week fabu" remodel and the cast of characters involved have a giant, "no comment." We've visted the location on several occassions, survyed the competition and come up with nothing. The lights are on but no one is home. Stay tune...

Congratulations go out to Dr. Dean Blevins,as the new President of the Arkansas AIDS Foundation, according to a ( 8/13) professional profile blurb in Arkansas Democrat Gazette, but not listed on the organizations website. A website that obviously hasn't been updated since, "oh can you say January?" Maybe the first order of business for the new prez is to get his Tech people cracking on utilizing the web as as vital resource to informing the community or better yet, market the organization for future growth. Ya Think?

Speaking of stealth operations, people are talking about the missing, Pink Spectrum publication that was hearlded as the not to be missed Arkansas alternative magizine. Last seen in June 2006, the magazine and it's staff has been missing in action. The word on the street is that the operation couldn't embrace the Rodney King plea of "can we not just get along?" Is this another one bites the dust!

Personna Emeritus, Cassaundra Manchester, deserves "atta girl" for his new Ebay ranking in the Review category. Manchester's send up of, The Top 10 Things for your Drag Personna, has been well received by personal auction customers and the public at large. "I was a bit overwhelmed at the response to the review and even more so at the proceeds from my gown collection. It was sentimental and somewhat bittersweet. But I'm so glad that these items found additional love and life with new owners." Manchester said. Plans are under way for more items to be posted within the month.

November 5 is rapidly approaching and we at The Body Politic we will shift gears within the next few postings to address political issues that need your attention. Don't forget that you can express your voice with your vote. Go to the polls in November and take a friend. As always, we are always trying to keep giving you what you are looking for. Stay in touch...(
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