Thursday, March 05, 2015

Pop Goes the Videos on COP 24/7

The children have spoken yet again. They want "VIDEO's!!!" Yeah I get it and I'm down with it, although I must continue to encourage the young set that reading is fundamental to greater understanding with hopes that you also comprehend as well. I've been somewhat amazed at how many younger folk keep telling me that they "don't read," they just video? 

Usually at this point is where I give them my "WTF" look while thinking surely not. But it seems true as I keep hearing this from a wide range of people are more interested in seeing a piece that speaks to them rather than as I've been told, to read my postings. Its all about that "blink" society where individuals want it now and quick. And we are going to comply as we transition to more videos of all types ranging from the simple to the provocative. And with that said let em fly...!

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