Wednesday, March 04, 2015

The Roar of Thor Wednesday

COP 24/7 Back Talks Out Loud

How appropriate that the latest winter blast of 2015 is named none other than, "Thor." According to Wikipedia, he was "the hammer-wielding god associated with thunder, lightning, storms, oak trees, strength, the protection of mankind, and also hallowing, healing and fertility. Sound like this guy was some kind of deity to reckon with and this forum can certainly recognize with many of his attributes while obviously not meeting that "God," standard.

Nevertheless, COP 24/7 has certainly wielded its own hammer over the past decade as this forum has covered many topics that have ranged from the nonsensical to those who have made many folks uncomfortable including yesterday's post which pinged our Google meter and perhaps other nerves to boot.

Being a provocateur which means, "one who provokes,"  can be a strange position. Often times it juxtaposes one to either boldly speak up factually about the situation or either hope that someone else will come along to, "say out loud what other folks are thinking." For the record, COP 24/7 has always been a provocative digital town square where you can discover subject matter to tweak your senses, offer you a teachable moment or repel you from interaction.

Here at COP 24/7 we don't wear pretty lavender glasses and tip toe through the tulips to the rainbow brick road. Even though it sound like a wonderful state of mind to enjoy. Do we occasionally divert our eyes for the whimsy, of course. But if we are to demand from the greater society equality status, then we must be diligent to make sure that our own community is doing the same. And we are not alone in this provoking arena.

Locally we have firebrands such as Christina Wang of Arkansans for Equality who is currently serving time in the Facebook jail for being outspoken and calling out Christian folks for their hypocrisy in the name of God. She was among the original proponents to use the ballot box to pursue marriage equality in Arkansas. I salute her for her service to our country and her position that "I'm mad as hell and ready to do something about it," attitude.  

Flamethrower, Diedra Levi, who has totally made folks uncomfortable with terms such as "genocide, democide, and addressing the affects of post traumatic syndrome among those who lived through the AIDS crisis. She has been unyielding in talking out loud about her lived experiences as a Black lesbian within the LGBTQ construct that doesn't always "see her."

Man on fire and Bowen law student, Mondale Robinson who has provoked communication and marches in response to law enforcement policies in this city. I feel his provocative statement, "1,000,001 thoughts have kept me up all night. There's a truth inside of me that seems outside of the
main culture. Radical." As far as I'm concern we need more men of color such as this brother who is unabashed and unflinching about "what's really going on." He is among the few heterosexual Black men I know willing to openly talk about homophobia and sexuality in the Black community.

These voices are just a few of the people who are "provocateurs," in their own right. I applaud these
 individuals and the many more such
as Trey Weir,(pictured left) who is ready to step up to speak to power, and there's the outspoken educator Micha Qualls, advocates Bob Coffey, Randi Romo, and Emjae Manning who are "provoking" others to learn more about our state and the circumstances in which we live. I'm sure that often times they do not always making everyone happy about what they have to say about matters. Yet they continue because they are not waiting for someone else to do it.

Since our launch, this space has never wimped out on posting topical items that were meant to encourage debate, discussion or dissension. I urge readers to check over our 1330 post to get a feell for what has been covered. In this digital town square, its all here for the taking including many unedited comments, backtalk, rants and observation. We invite robust interaction while giving everyone a space to keep it 100.  The floor is open...

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