Friday, March 20, 2015

The Friday COP 24/7 Fly Over

The FACEBOOK Echo Chamber

For those of you who are not apart of the Facebook "Borg" collective, you just might be more well off than you think. This social media behemoth which has "thumbed" its way into not only the America psyche but has burrowed into the core of some folks soul!

Each and everyday with its million's of users including this forum's page( ), you can find everything from A to Z on topics ranging from the outrageous to the depths of stupidity.

Its a rolling index of rants, raves, WTF, cries for help, carnage, and often times folks "flaming" each other over either the most mundane or ridiculous bull shit.

And yes even this writer has not been exempted from a disgruntled poster who raved on about his perception of my work and other "this and that," which called for a response. I usually try to ignore this type of banter but some charges just have to be answered. I'm often so amazed at just how much folks especially some gay folks want to divulge or reveal about their entire lives.

I've seen much, such as one post that featured surgery stiches of a hip replacement, young folk whom post pictures of them intoxicated or vomiting afterwards, a whole lot of vulgar language and gestures, and a whole lot of "bitter, party of one" or pity parties a go-go. Its all there for the taking as it rolls in daily on feeds and often times deflected to your page through tags or mutual postings that get crossed posted. Its a daily wild ride that so much more tamer that the COP 24/7 digital town square, then again we're not a Billion dollar entity with an office park of smart folks making it happen. Hey wouldn't be great if some of those business signees would consider some banner ads here.

RuPaul Rules

And it continues! Rupaul's Drag race keeps getting picked up for season after season on the LOGO channel and now its in it's Season 7, with all the madcap and over the top silliness that they can muster.

 Locally the show is being watched at Club Sway, as folks show up to catch the catty, kit kat and killer kat barbs that come from the "contestants."  Its more mindless fun in drag as oppose to all the hip hop fashion of Empire but let's not kid ourselves, many of these players give your "realness," with hot bodies and bold fashions that gives the local girls a severe run for it.

If you watch the show you just can't turn away from this train wreck of showmanship that has contestants either creating costumes, glam squad to straight jocks or as Miss Ru commands, "lip sync for your life, and don't fuck it up!" Even if you don't have the cable cracken, you can still catch web versions at  If you need to get away from it all and delve into the world of big hair and even bigger egos and attitudes, then its must watch TV.

And Now for the Friday Video


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