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Firecracker Friday

New “Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood” Season Stars New Gay Couple Milan Christopher & Sir Brock

Despite boasting its most well-known music industry names within its franchise, the “Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood” cast could not hold viewers’ attention as the franchise’s Atlanta and New York
casts for several seasons.

The show’s new, and the franchise’s first gay male, couple, model/singer Milan Christopher (pictured) and rapper Sir Brock, are the very people I expect to give the show the interest that it needs.  Obviously, the show will reach more viewers from the LGBT community, which is a smartly strategic move.  More importantly, if these men truly have been engaged in a coupled-up relationship, they will undoubtedly serve the emotions and drama that viewers clamor to watch this series.

Deciding which cast members to keep for the next season and which to replace is always a risky gamble for any reality-TV series who hopes to recharge the momentum of a show that did not exceed ratings expectations.  With this newly announced cast of the second “Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood” season, the executive producers, which include Mona Scott-Young, may have struck gold for a ratings boost.  I definitely hope so.

The returning cast members include very memorable personalities including Ray-J, Teairra Mari, Omarion, Soulja Boy, Moniece Slaughter (Lil’ Fizz’s former flame) and Nikki Mudaris (Mally Mal’s former flame).  Bringing back Hazel E, Mia and Princess, the show’s most boring characters, over the firecracking vixen Masika Kalysha will most likely not spice up the new season.

“Love & Hip-Hop: New York” bad boy Rich Dollaz joined the Hollywood cast to stir the pot as Moniece’s love interest, and I believe that he will do just that.  A relentless bad boy coupled up with a feisty beauty with great vocal talent may elevate themselves to be the stars of the Hollywood cast.
However, Rich and Moniece may have to rival against a gay couple that has been added to the cast for the viewers’ attention. (source: Waddie G glists society )

10 Toxic Thoughts Gays & Lesbians Should Avoid About Their Single Relationship Status

1. “I am lonely.”
Loneliness tends to relate a state of mind rather than of physical presence for those who declare such feeling.  That statement suggests that a person needs a particular individual to be in his/her life in
order to feel complete.
Unfortunately, that kind of thought speaks more into one’s self-worth because that kind of self-esteem will not wither away when he/she meets a new love interest.  Instead, another kind of dissatisfaction’s occurrence is imminent.

2. “I am not attractive enough.”
As long as you are trying to meet the physical standards of others on your appearance, you will more than likely engage with someone who will point a flaw or more for you to worry about perfecting.  When you meet such people, at what length would you go to be accepted by everyone who criticizes you? Remember that beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, and your level of confidence is usually the activator that attracts one to your physical appearance.  Set your own standard of beauty.  Do not give anyone permission to deem you less than beautiful.

3. “I am not a great catch.”
If you feel like that you are not a great catch within a dating pool because you are not living up to a possible potential, then you must fulfill the work you are not doing to be that potential.  Otherwise, your definition of being a great catch could be self-induced flaws that may not be noticeable or a problem by others.

4. “[Name of God] is punishing me for being a gay/lesbian.”
If you are a person of a particular religion, do you believe that your Creator made a mistake on you when you were born to be a likeness of His image?  Remember that your Creator loves all His children, which includes His gays and lesbians.  Being a gay or lesbian is not a moral sin.  Being gay or lesbian is a sexual identification.  How you choose to live out your sexuality could determine when you are committing sins of immorality.

5. “I will never find the right one.”
I am firm believer that your thoughts will manifest into your reality.  If you want to meet Mr./Ms. Right, you must open your mind and heart to attract that future loved one.

6. “I don’t need a man/woman anyway.”
Some people proclaim this thought as an extreme means of opposing loneliness.  Needing a lover does not necessarily mean one is lonely instead of being dissatisfied. However, such thought, especially when seen in your physical expression, could scare off potential suitors from wanting to be your new love.
7. “I need a man/woman.”
Much like loneliness, needing a lover in your life demonstrates a void of self-dissatisfaction rather than a void of a lover.  Also, your need for a man/woman may attract someone who plans to take advantage of your desperation or a suitor who was never meant to be your forever love.

8. “I am unloved.”
In the words of the legendary drag queen RuPaul, “If you don’t love yourself, how in the hell are you going to love somebody else?”  Being loved starts with you loving yourself.  Once you embrace who you are, you will attract others to love you.

9. “If [insert name of a couple] can enjoy a great, long-lasting relationship, then why can’t I?”
I often share this pearl of wisdom to those who judge his/her fortunes to others: “Never covet what another person has.  Because what that person has looks good to you, you do not know – and may not willfully handle – what he/she/they endured to get what you found desirable.”  My wisdom is synonymous with the oft used phrase “all that glitters is not gold.”  Be content with what you currently have and be open to more and greater things to come.

10. “If [name of ex-lover] can move on with a new lover, then why can’t I?”
The reasoning for the previous point applies to this toxic thought.  Also, putting your energy on keeping tabs on your ex-lover prevents you from putting your energy into a potential suitor to give you the love you desire.

Save the Date!
LA Corp getting Jazzy with Fundraiser

October 17th inside the Pulaski County Rotunda their will be sounds of hot jazz, possibly fedoras and sweet smells of spiced tea as The Living Affected Corporation ( ) celebrates its 5th Anniversary as a fundraiser for its Holistic Health Initiative which ensures that all families have access to health care.

The agency has provided a myriad of services and community based activities ranging from HIV intervention and prevention outreaches to currently offering Affordable Care Act enrollment services as a contractor of the Arkansas Insurance Department. According to organizers the fundraiser was designed to recognize that much of it's work also can be symbolized as a being apart of the pathway to the recent marriage equality victory in which Arkansas gay couples were married in the Rotunda for the first time before and after the Supreme Court ruling. Due to the nation of funding sources, the group has assessed that this fundraiser is vital to not only offering any services but could will be essential in keeping its doors open.

Currently event planning includes Live Entertainment, Etiquette Training and assorted baked goods, Hors De Oeuvres and beverage services to include tea options. The agency has launched a Eventbrite page where you can purchase tickets at

Saturday, October 17th, 2015
5pm until 9pm
The Pulaski County Courthouse Rotunda
401 W. Markham
Little Rock, AR 72202

For more information call – 855.787.4548
$50 per person
Live Entertainment...
Etiquette Training
Hors De Oeuvres

$100 to $499
Cats in the Hat
$500 to $999
Mad Hatters
$1000 to $4999
Jazz Masters
$5000 or More
Sultry Steeper's
Need Linkage to care navigation? Got questions about PRep? Need Free HIV testing and counseling services? Get the Facts not foolishness..." Call 877-293-6416 to make your appointment


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