Monday, August 03, 2015

A Week of Rewinds and Re-Boots

Often times this blog, portal or as we like to think of ourselves as a "digital town square," often times just can't even began to post, cover, link or video our way about all that happens in our rapid fire 24/7 news cycles.

From the onset, this forum wasn't even sure exactly what would be hosted on this platform, since when we began, it was simply an exercise to at least try to be in sync with the latest tech craze or burgeoning which is now a behemoth of social media, gadgets, badges, APPS and so much more than we could even have imagined back in 2004!  Yet we've tried, over and over again to identify, call for and call out, seek, demand, investigate, and damn near fall out about much of it.

If warranted some attention or perhaps didn't get the acknowledgement that it needed, COP 24/7 has been there front and center trying to spotlight what was really going on in our state. As we count down to our final days of "trying," we will roll out as much of the old to remind readers of where we've come from and do what we can to be visionary as to where we perhaps may be going.  Now let's dive in for the latest...

Send in the Clowns!!!!!!

We wouldn't be COP 24/7 without a least a snipe or should we say a "snapshot," of the current race for nominations to be considered electable as the leader of the free world. The gang is all here and seems like each day there's some one else who thinks that they are the "one" who is suppose to
somehow either "take the country back,"( and we are not sure what that means) or undo what some have called the "worst presidency of our existence." Now really, the worst you say?

In case you've not been watching this clown car pile up, this week you can get your belly or mind full with the upcoming GOP debates this Thursday. Holy GOP is all we can say! Before any of it began we've had to endure the big talking of Donald Trump who now leads the pack all to the way to our own Huckster who got terribly messy with his "leading folks to the gas chambers," over the top rhetoric that made many just plain old sick. Hail to Chief is the rally cry they all want to hear, and in the meantime we all just might need several does of BC powders or something stronger. Watch this space for updates if we can stomach it....

Global Handwashing Day is right around the corner! Don't wait to start planning!

October 15 will be here before you know it. Which means now is the time to start planning your Global Handwashing Day celebration. This year's theme for Global Handwashing Day is "Raise a hand for hygiene"!

This theme is action-oriented and can be used particularly well for advocacy purposes. For instance, the act of raising a hand is one of affiliation. You can and should identify yourself as a hygiene champion. This can help create a strong social norm of good hygiene in a school, community, or region. Likewise, when people raise a hand, they can also be counted. In terms of handwashing, this is a reminder that it is possible for governments to count how many people wash their hands and have access to hygiene facilities in homes, schools, and healthcare facilities. Governments must measure hygiene indicators to know where resources should be concentrated. Global Handwashing Day is a good opportunity to ask governments to fulfill this important role. We can also raise a hand to draw attention to the need for change, from parents’ associations raising a hand to ask for a better school hygiene policy to celebrities raising a hand to ask politicians to fund hygiene programs.
Latinos in the Deep South Webinar: How to Promote your National Latino AIDS Awareness Day event with a Press Conference
Date and Time: Wed, Aug 12, 2015, 2:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time (1:00 PM CDT)
October 15th is right around the corner and we want to make sure the local media recognizes the work you do to serve Latino communities.  Please join us on August 12th at 2PM when we'll be joined by Tony Ochoa, Program Manager for National Latino AIDS Awareness Day, we'll discuss the simple steps of coordinating an NLAAD press conference to promote your HIV testing event.
Since the inception of NLAAD in 2003 the Latino Commission on AIDS has hosted a local press conference in New York City.  Coverage from the event has served to engage stakeholders, increase testing, and address stigma around HIV in the Latino community.  The free publicity garnered from your local media will serve to address HIV among Latinos and promote your NLAAD event. 
This webinar will cover:
•        Engaging community members and partnering organizations
•        Setting a goal/objective for your press conference
•        Steps for project managing a local press conference
•        Creating and disseminating a news worthy press release that promotes your NLAAD event
•        Engaging local media to your press conference
Guest Presenter: Tony Ochoa
Serves as Program Manager for National Latino AIDS Awareness Day (NLAAD), a national social marketing campaign that mobilizes communities to respond to the devastating impact HIV/AIDS has on Hispanic/Latinos across the country and territories. In his effort to innovatively implement NLAAD, he integrates social media and long distance learning technologies to deliver skills building instruments and foster collaboration among partners including Health Departments, CBOs, faith based organizations & health care providers.
The next meeting of the Arkansas HIV Planning Group is scheduled for August 14, 2015, 10 am inside the Arkansas Department of Health Auditorium. Check out our Facebook page for more details at

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