Friday, August 07, 2015

Friday Follies and Fall OUT

The GOP Debate That Was...and is O-V-A

Alright folks, in case you missed it, you shouldn't have. It was full on blast spectacle of dogma, rhetoric, catcalls, GOP dog whistle's tinted with some moments that made sense amidst the ballyhoo.

I watched with intensity on my trusty smart phone from my secret location over the past week. As I recall the nights high point and low points, there were actually some good debate moments that made we wonder, if the Republican party could just par away the shrill voices and over the top bravado, they might could come away with some plausible candidate. Who would ever thought there would have to be a Pre-debate team at 5 p.m. and then the prime timers later on. Only in America can we make this stuff up.

Anyway despite the dramatics of it all, former Ohio Governor John Kasich made statements that got my attention as a man that warrants listening too. Not because I really agree with him totally but I am open to listening too because he's not caught up in the "big top" of the event itself, but rather someone who has a viewpoint that could be taken seriously. All through the evening the hot white spotlight was being focused on none other than Donald Trump via questions from the moderators whom didn't gang up on Trump but rather engaged him in some rough and tumble questioning to his policy insights and perspectives. As I watched in a delish glee, I kept thinking who would have ever thought this guy would get any traction is beyond me, the I again reference the "only in America can we make this stuff up," mantra.

I also wanted to hear more from Dr. Ben Carson who has stumbled and mumbled both on script and off script that sometimes made me ponder is he serious about running for public office. Somewhere back in my head I kept hearing the ghost of Herman Caine chanting "9-9-9!" This was his ill-fated economic plan that got almost as much laughter as Mitt Romney's assertion that "corporations were people too!" Nonetheless I did feel that Carson sort of got lost in the shuffle among the candidates. However, he did leave a great one liner that had me howling, was when asked about something special or unique about each person, Carson rolled with, "I'm the only one to separate Siamese twins." Take that you bama's...

The rest of the crew, Bush, Rubio, Cruz, Walker and Christie whom all have numbers within margins of each other, seemed to try to establish themselves or should we say distinguish themselves as serious candidates. Well we've got one down and the real thunder dome of the political season hasn't even begun, or at least we would like to think so....stay tuned.

And now for our Friday Video...

It behooves COP 24/7 that this determined and forward looking platform has struggled and flailed along for now 10 years, yet have not amassed the following of these video personalities such as Quaadir Howard whom has 112,951 subscribers.

He is among the many who are ranting and raving their way across the digital landscape talking about all manner of current topics. Here in Arkansas we have a few others such a John B, J. Kelley other's who have taken to the airwaves with content. Yet COP 24/7 with its constant out put and daily updates, links, video and podcasting only broke through in some areas but came up short in others.

Nevertheless, with our final days rapidly approaching, we want to highlight and showcase those who will continue to carry the torch...and now you can hear from him....


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