Monday, May 21, 2007

Which Way is Up...Part 2

Every day my life is augmented with it's own soundtrack from my special catalog. The song, Which Way is Up from the Richard Pryor movie of the same name, causes me pause as I slyly slip it into today's headlines, meanwhile finding it so appropriate all these years later. The 24/7 news slams from CNN, CNBC, MSNBC and FOX are relentlessly updating us with the latest madness from a world that so often seems to be spinning out of control. Yet dear readers, believe it or not, as the Ronco salesman used to say, "wait there's more..!" And of course, my radar is in full effect, catching everything and anything that may be falling through the cracks that I feel you should know about. With this in mind, I continue on my trek to find out, "Which way is up?"

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In case you missed it, you're getting another chance to hear our unique blend as we continue to harness the power of the internet and all the tricks of the the trade. Afterall, CorneliusOnpoint, is the first online site to podcast items related to Arkansas' GLBTQ community and beyond. Shortly we will be offering our entire catalog here as well, so you can see what we've been up to since we started podcasting in September 2006. We are proud to access this platform, courtsey of EVOCA and source material provided from a variety of content producers. We've tried to make sure our production values are consistant in conjuction to offering current information and entertainment value. As this forum grows, I hope to add more local color to the pod featuring special guest interviews, roundtables or other items of interest. We are on the move to bring you more of what you should be looking for.

You're Registered Where? Congrats go to the City Council of Eureka Springs, Arkansas for their precendent setting efforts of a registery alllowing same sex couples to formally acknowledge their domestic commitments. Unfortunately none of these documents will be consider legal in the state, just ceremonial. However, after unsettling articles in local newspapers and much grumbling from naysayers who are mulling over there next approach, the council still voted to approve the measure in a May 14 session. The local hamlet reports that Eurkea is a bustling enclave of GLBTQ businesses and entertainment outlets. Some have even referred to the area as "the Key West of the Mid-South," or a "southern Provincetown." I haven't been to Eurkea lately, but the last time I was their I didn't feel like I was in Key West by no means. Perhaps things have upgraded since then and I need to take a second look. I'll let you know what I find.

Word UP: The weekend patio fun is wide open at Sidetracks with patrons opting to "stay awhile" into the early evening. Phillip P. co-owner stated that" this is what I always envisioned happening. I want this place to be more than just a bar. There's so much more to life than bar life and having conversations among community members is very important part of what we want to do here. I feel that the people who come here, set the tone, atmosphere and contribute as they see fit." If you haven't had a chance to check out the scene do so. Co- Owner Jim is master grilling burgers your way for $1.00, Bartender Jon-Jon is always on top of it with bar specials and you can have cool evening without a cover charge. How's that for a cheap date!

Over HERE!: I've told you about HERE networks and the variety of well produced VOD ( video on Demand) shows filling there schedule. Well, the folks at HERE just continue to roll on with the debut of, "The D L Chronicles" this month. Created and Produced by team Quincy Lenear and Deondray Gosset, the multi-hued cast is not only great eye candy, but they can actually act. According to show notes, the premise is based around the narrator, Chadwick Williams, played by Damian Tofeek Raven ( yes that's his real name, pictured right) who is writing a book to explore the lives of DL (Down Low) men and their presumed, "sexually duplicitous and secret lifestyles." As I pointed out previously, the cast is must see TV, especially Kareem Ferguson ( pictured below) for those BSGL men seeking their fixes since the demise of Noah's Arc on LOGO. But speaking of the Arc, the net is a twitter with info that the promised movie version is in the creative writing mode, per creator Patrik Polk. Locally you can find HERE on Comacast Digital. If you are going spend a dime on entertainment, you should consider doing so with VOD, because if we don't support these ventures they will go, bye bye !

Queen of Mean: No this is not a Rosie O Donnell entry, but rather the other true bawdy Queen of Mean Comdey, Lisa Lampanelli. Who is Lisa L. you say, well you must have missed her one women, scene chewing, no holes barred, stand up act on Comedy Central. If that wasn't enough she has released a new CD/DVD, aptly named, "Dirty Girl" which warrants a parental advisory warning. Ms. L does'nt mince words about an array of topics ranging from her thoughts of Eclairs and Black Men, to her philosophy ticks about everything else that life has to offer. This off-color humor is not for the mild or meek by no means. Because, if you thought Joan Rivers made you whence, then Lisa Lampanelli will make you turn many shades of lavender and beyond. I needed a cigarette and a shower after watching the Comdey Central show. I'm sure the live version will take you places that you may never thought you would ever visit. She's posting her antics including Tour dates at: The CD/DVD is in stores now, so listeners beware!!

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