Friday, May 25, 2007

As the flags unfurl...Part Deux

Our last outing elicited some stimulating reaction concerning our Pride or Bust post. As I've always stated, comments are always welcomed, posted as ASAP and they are unedited. In case you missed it, the posting is still current and here's my commentary on those observations, plus a look at the Isaiah Washington PSA from GLSEN.(Gay, Lesbian and Straight Educational Network)

Can WE all just get along....?

To begin, I never take comments as personal attacks or allow them to deter me from my goals or mission for this forum. I consider myself of the "thick skin" type who is willing to say what's on my mind, present varying viewpoints and willing to see the "800 pound" elephant or gorilla in the room, no matter the circumstances. I wasn't suprised at the swiftness or the tone of the comments coming from Pride committee board members. I expected it and respect it, especially when addressing the alleged stealth contribution. However, the accusation from board member, (barb) stating that somehow I was trying to tear apart...cause infighting and division in the community is not only startlingly unfounded, but so untrue. All this from a board member who states "I haven't seen the pride guide..." but took time to take me to task instead? Meanwhile, the postings to this site have been broad based and highlighted "prideful" accomplishments, announcements, health programs, drag shows and a diversity of people. Many items had Arkansas ties or human interest to the GLBTQ community and often fall far from the radar of other state sites. Even though I strive for perfection, at this time it's not within my reach and errors occur. The typo concerning Mr. Himan's name was detected when I read the hard copy, but access to the net was hampered by a Comcast internet connect glitch, not allowing me to correct the material. Nevethless, it was corrected as soon as the system was restored. After all, we've previously posted tour info, music, and video on our platforms, as noted by a positive acknowledgement from the Board President Joe, but no other board members. Perhaps that post wasn't as efficiently forwarded as possible negative news get's hearlded. To sum this up with the old adage, "opinions are like assholes, everyone has one," is rather earthy but true and I'm guilty of allowing individuals to share them with me, similar to the Whispers section of the Arkansas Times, which publishes a variety of items that are sometimes later refuted. With this in mind, the published comments on this forum from board members will stand to correct or clarify information so posted in Pride or Bust(5.23.06). Ultimately, whether I like certain perceptions or not, I'm not seeking to staying PC (politically correct), insulated from what people are really thinking and refuse to say, constructive criticism or stone cold realities. Therefore, Lord forgive me, the Arkansas Times, pundits, and other bloggers from rumor mongering and hurtin folks feelings. We pledge to do better in the near future. Amen.

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