Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Community "This- n - That" overview - Take 2

As the haze continues to clear from the my latest medical foray, I'm finding my way back to the maddening roar of cyberland and keeping this forum "on point." Recovery for me means staying laser focused as well as driven to being apart of the information mix. The air-waves are teaming with the who, what when and where of events locally, statewide and nationally. Let's get it started now!

NWA Pride: Ken Boyle will chair Pride 07 events for Northwest Arkansas, meeting May 6, 2007, according to the groups website. NWA Pride is searching for volunteers in preparation for the Annual Picnic and Parade. If you are interested you can check out there NWA Pride Yahoo Group or call 1.888.391.9222 for more information. Also the NWA Community Center Gala, "An Affair to Remember", June 8, at the Clarion Inn, in Fayetteville, Arkansas still has tickets that can purchased online at the The Guest speaker will be Sarah Scanlon from the Human Rights Campaign.

Stage PRIDE: May 10, Capital Pride will benefit from the Weekend Theater's performance of the musical "A Man of No Importance." May 10, 2007 at 7:30 p.m. A no-host cash bar will be provided. Call the PrideLine at 501.859.0723 for advance ticket reservations.

Foundation A-go-go: Donna Summer's classic, "Rumor has it..." couldn't be more adept in reference to The Arkansas AIDS Foundation which has been subject of whispers and wondering for the last 6 months. According to sources the foundation has become a "shell of it's self" as funding shifts have been implemented, per the Arkansas Department of Health and Human Services Department who will now facilitate payments for physicians or services. Circulated E-mail statements have admitted "identifying rumors and misinformation," as Section Chief Gary Horton continues to assure that all's well and client needs will be addressed. Meanwhile, interm Director, Chiquita Munir has allegedly departed and Board President Dean Blevins is scheduled to make an exit in June. However, we have confirmed that the Annual AIDS Walk 2007, bearing the theme "Celebration of Life" will commence, June 2, Clinton Libary Grounds, Registration 8:30 a.m. Walk: 10 a.m. Free Food, entertainment, games, prizes and health information will be available. For more info call them, if any one's left to speak to at 501.376.6299

Poll Results: CorneliusOnpoint hosted the recent Business Afterhours Project at Sidetracks, 4.12.07 and created a poll to monitor interest.

The Results were as follows:

31% for Guest Speakers

31.5% Chances of meeting someone new

15.79% Showcasing my experitse or business

0% Cash Giveaways

21.05% Concept won't work in this area

Thanks for everyone's participation and imput. If individuals or business are interested in hosting the Business Afterhours Project contact Sidetracks. Check out the May issue of the Free Press for a brief mention of our activites.

Website Update: Despite the recent setbacks, misinformation and delays that have plagued the launch of our new website, I am proud to announce that this endeavor has found new life and will debut shortly. If you wan't something badly enough you've got to make it happen whether others want that for you or not. I'm determined to bring that portion of our platform to forefront as a statement that "you might knock a man down, but that doesn't mean he's out!" You better ask somebody about me.... Stay tuned....

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