Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Obama/Clinton Matrix

Candidates, Some Where Over the Rainbow...?

Democratic front runner, Hillary Clinton, the junior the Senator from New York and Illinois newcommer, Barak Obama have created a feeding frenzy from GLBTQ media outlets as well as, community onlookers. Their repsective positions have been scrutinized and sanitized to deal with the various factions that make up the fabric of opinionated gays on "political patrol", literally hanging on to every word uttered from not only these candidates, but anyone who mis-speaks. Most notably, Gov. Tommy Thompson's mis-cue, mistake or all around mess up via comments concerning gays and employers during the recent Republican Debates. Thompsom was on the A.M news circut ASAP, spilling mea culpas complete with the "you I know didn't mean it," spin cycle in overdrive. However, it's all about the Clinton/Obama factor that everyone's really talking about, but dont' count out John Edwards, because this ain't his first rodeo either. Although it's early in the game, it's apparent that candidate distinction is razor thin and sometimes indistinguable after the shake out. Each top tier candidate has touted press releases with a list of "who's who in Gay America" endorsements, ranging from local activitst to big bank gays who hob nob with the power elite. Unfotunately, in Arkansas tracking statistics seem to be lacking or have been created to clearly define which contender is favored. Yet, the Human Rights Campaign has scored both Clinton and Obama with respective 89% out of 100 concerning their support or voting records in Congress. Both, have cited there opposition to Gay marriage, but responded positive toward civil unions or domestic partnership status. Edwards has chimmed in with his traditional view of marriage as his oppositon and believes that the states will have to make final determinations. However, Edwards has publically stated that he supported same-sex couples who wanted to adopt children and the federal bill outlawing job discrimination based on sexual orientation. Unilaterally, each candidate was insensed by the homosexual immorality remarks by General Peter Pace and have voiced their concern about the Don't Ask, Don't Tell/Pursue policy of the Armed forces. Clinton capped her position with the quote, " they don't have to be stratight to shoot straight.." In Illinois, Obama was a staunch supporter of gay rights issues, but as his political aura has risen, he has often "redefined" his position from a more centrist viewpoint appealing to a variety of base audiences, staying in lockstep with Clinton and Edwards, as each prepare to shadow box with there Republican counterparts.

Amaechi Represents: "America has surprised me..." says John Amaechi during his presentation to a Log Cabin Republican gathering. He continues that he expected an "alvalanche of criticism and backlash, but was take aback at the positive outpouring of letters and contacts that he received." Publically, Amaechi was taken to task by former NBA baller, Tim Hardaway, who openly expressed his disdain for gay people with his callous statements of "I hate gays," in an Miami Beach interview. Since then Hardaway has recanted and said that he was taken out of context. Yeah, right. Amaechi has been selected at the spokesperson for HeadGear a male grooming product marketed to those who shave their heads.

Conway Pride 07: Organizers of the 4th Annual Conway Gay Pride Parade and Festival are seeking vendors, volunteers and performers for the event scheduled, June 23, 2007, at Simon Park ( located next door to City Hall) 1201 Oak street Time: Queen Time

For Profit Vendor booths: $25.00

Non-Profit/Community booths: $15.00

Vendors are soley responsible for tables, chairs and coverings for each booth

For additional contact info: e-mail: or call: (501) 244-9690

Idol Madness Continues... The Little Rock Capitol Pride event committee continues to sweep the city with more Idol Madness, with winners, Makayla Blake, Monica Deangelo and Alexis Wolfchase from the first primary to it's Drag Idol contest held at Backstreet (4/29), netting a reported $1200 booty for PRIDE O7. The next round takes place at The Factory, May 25, 8 p.m Cover charge is in affect. All "PG" performances can be pre-registered, call the PRIDELINE: 501.859.0723

Books-R-Us 911:The father of two teenage boys has asked city officials to fine theBentonville (Ark.) Public Library for keeping The Whole Lesbian Sex Book by Felice Newman on the open shelves where his sons could findit. Earl Adams said his 14- and 16-year-old sons discovered the bookin January while browsing for literature on military academies andwere "greatly disturbed," causing "many sleepless nights in ourhouse."Adams wants the city to pay him $10,000 per child, the maximum allowed under Arkansas obscenity law. "God was speaking to my heartthat day and helped me find the words that proved successful inremoving this book from the shelf," Adams said in the April 20 Springdale Morning News. City Attorney Camille Thompson said the book was not pornographic and Adams has no "valid legal concern." After receiving his original complaint, the library advisory board voted April 3 to remove thebook from circulation and look for a similar, less graphic resource for the open stacks. "I thought we had a very intelligent—I almost want to say high-minded—discussion about the book," said board memberGeorge Spence. Library Director Cindy Suter told the paper that she disagreed with Adams's conclusion that having Newman's book in the library follows an "immoral social agenda," adding, "My focus was to develop aninclusive collection and not an exclusive collection." All this hoopla justs when Alice Walton wants to bring "art and culture," to northwest Arkansas via the Crystal Museum slated to open in 2008.

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