Monday, September 17, 2007

Tempest, Tounges,Tabernacles and Me

It's a new day, new week and I'm back at the keyboard keeping it fresh and sometimes funky. This forum has been a labor of love and I would like to thank all of you who have been expressing your support for our efforts thus far. We are stepping up our game with reworking our page, new features, interactiveness and a user friendly format. As we count down to our 4th Anniversary, we have lots more of what you've been looking for in commentary, video, links, podcasts and news throughout the GLBTQI community and beyond. Well with all that said, let the games begin.....

Circling the Wagons: In a previous post, I've mentioned the impending family feud face-off with the Family Council iniatiative on adoption and the opposition forces that were forming to defeat the revamped measure. Even though the measure is being re-tooled for a re-look from the state's AG, Dustin Mc Daniel, allegedly theres's a bit of family feuding taking place among the waggoneers themselves. According to an e-mail I received from ASD president Jada Walker the aforementioned issue would be taken on by, an as yet unnamed coalition that was being formed from a pool of local groups such as the Stonewall Democrats, CAR, ACLU, Public Policy Panel and such. Apparently after a few meetings held around town, there are "power plays," murky agendas, procedural indifferences and even a few tempers flaring adding to the'll have to stay locked in becuase we've got more to tell on this one, including naming names. You know we're not scared to.
Gay Bars out of Vouge?: In leiu of the recent closing of The Factory, I wanted to further explore what's happening in communities nationally, as well as, check the ongoing debates about these cultural bastions. I found a very interesting story in the Orlando Sentinel speaking to this issue. Using the provided link, you can check it out for yourselves, I will be posting more about this phenom and will looking forward to hearing your spill on it. So click it now!!!
The complete article can be viewed at:,0,1601976.story

Meeting in the Ladies Room: When we posted the information concerning some "men" using the "ladies" room at Sidetracks and the reaction from women patrons who felt it was dissing them, we got the definative answer from club management. Which stated "they were addressing the situation and wouldn't tolerate this practice to the best of their ability. Concluding, there are no toliet police on patrol." Obvivously the lew, lavatory, toilet, john, can, bathroom is a big issue in area bars. I noticed that the doors were missing in action at Discovery adjacent to the Athena showroom. I was also surprised to learn that these facilites are ripe for abuse and misuse from patrons for no rhyme or reason. For the record, Sidetracks has not one, not two, but get this, three choices for your bodily function needs. What more do you need?

Royalty Walking: Congrats go out to Alexis LaRue, Miss Gay Arkansas America 2008!! We covered the event and will have all the chattter, analysis, sightings and more on our entertainment sister site, Coming Tuesday 9.18.07
POLLS-R- US: I know that there are more polls than you care about, but we've added a weekly poll question based on random subject manner as an effort to engage more interactiveness with this forum. If you've got a question that you would like to submit, send it to us via our comments icon.

Have you heard of the Kinsey Sicks? Well, if you haven't they are 0n our radar and we will be posting a great video and review of this troup. We are locked and loaded with a trove of news, links, updates, commentary, video, podcasting and stuff...We are Arkansas' online destination for the GLBTQI and beyond.

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