Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Midweek Spin down....

TV Iran: Who needs Al Jazeera when the American Media clamored, clawed and cajoled to get interviews with Mahmoud Ahamadinejad, President of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The "smiling" leader of Iran has inferiorated New Yorkers with his speech at Columbia University and his desire to visit the 9/11 site. I too became intrigued with this diminutive character that has commanded so much air time from one on one's with one of my favorite's, Charlie Rose, wall to wall network coverage to the proverbial CNN face off with another of my favs, Christiane Armanpour. Everyone seems to want a moment with this alleged point man for state supported terrorism. As I've listened to Mr. A. on numerous programs and it's apparent that he's entrenched in his various beliefs no matter how challenging in regards to the 9/11 tragedy, his outrageous no Holocaust viewpoint or his inflamatory zeal for nixing Israel from the map. During his media blitz he's continued with his stance that there are no gays in Iran nor are any being persecuted to his knowlegde. I was further taken aback when he even ask reporters to give him some addresses so he could find these people. Is he serious? The plight of gays in islamic countries has been widely reported including this forum. It's no secret that most individuals convicted usually end with either severe prison time or death sentences. Futhermore, he's unmoved by the unrest or protest, but feels that he does deserve some respect and courtesy as a head of state. It also very apparent that Ahamadinejad has mastered the art of double speak and often answers questions with a question. During his interviews he makes numerous observations about conditions in the Middle East and all nations involved, namely the U.S. Although much of his rhetoric is complex, the Iranian President presents some thought provoking scenarios and engaging premises that I would like to know more about. I believe that it's important to listen to these extremist views, so that at least you think you know where they're coming from.

AAF Announces fall Benefit Season

The Arkansas AIDS Foundation has announced it's schedule for upcoming benefits for fall 2008. According to Brian Cook, Development Coordinator, the events will conclude the organizations 2007 fundraising efforts. They are as follows:

October, 4 2007 - Wine Dinner - Easy Street -
October 25, 2007 - MasqueRed - DSRA Clubhouse - 9pm
October 27, 2007 - Boo Bash - SideTracks -
November 11, 2007 - Thanksgiving Show -BackStreet - 10pm
December 1, 2007 - Santas Bachelor Auction - SideTracks -10pm
December 2, 2007 - Babes in Toyland - DSRA Clubhouse - 9pm

For more information go to there website:

Benefits A-GO-G0: Previously we posted info about the Boo Bash without mentioning that the proceeds will be split between AAF and Little Rock Capitol Pride committee coffers. This change was put into effect by J.D., Sidetracks' special events coordinator,which has assumed the helm in putting together the event. " I want this event to bigger and better," he said. "I have plans to ask area businesses for prizes and other donations. I believe that it will be a fun evening for all." As the benefit season begins, I am still pondering a few questions about these fundraising activites and believe me, I'm not alone. I've noted that HWPA has announced through this forum the amounts raised, criterias, and the designation of the proceeds. However, other organizations have'nt been so forthcoming. Question 1: Where is the fundraising fiscal reporting? 2. Is there an assessment of how effective these fundraisers are for the organizations? 3. What about Quality vs. Quantity? O.K. go ahead and say it, "well what are you doing Mr. Corneliusonpoint instead of asking questions from the cyberspace? Answer: just what is needed, Keeping it Real.

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