Thursday, September 27, 2007

Can We talk!...A Thursday Throwdown

Gosh, is it Fall already? Yesiree it is and I'm entering into a fall fling attitude that will keep this page humming right into those holiday carols. This week has been a dash to get ahead of the curve as well as staying on point. I hope that you've been enjoying our fast pace coverage and our continuing upgrades with more to come. Ladies and Gentlemen and all those who haven't decided let's start the Thursday throwdown...

Future Builders, AIDS Awareness & You

The issues of AIDS in the black community has faced ongoing barriers such as internalized homophobia and a host of outreach challenges that have assisted in propelling this health crisis on all levels. I have posted a variety of articles, links and related stories addressing elements that will be impacting our future generations. Therefore, I wanted to highlight Future Builders Inc. another local organization that is on the forefront of the battle of not only AIDS but many of the societal ills that are gripping people of color in Arkansas. Through a Partnership with Arkansas Department of Health, this organizations campagin, "It's Your Choice..." has counseled and tested over 1200 women in Pulaski and Jefferson counties, meanwhile offering similar services to 484 men (MSM) in Union, Miller and Little River counties respectively since 2002.

According to their website, the group has been supported by a numerous notable funding sources, including the Withrop Rockefeller Foundation, U.S. Department of Health, Daisy Bates Foundation and U.S.Department of Justice. Pennies for HIV campaign is a ongoing yearly fundraiser that enlist community citizens, schools, clergy, and colleges to donate their "spare change," to offset prevention and education programs. I know for a fact that many of you have those drawers that are filled with Lincolns that you are not using. So, as a fall project, clean out all your junk drawers and donate all that loose change to Future Builders or the charity of your choice. I'm gonna check my household for that spare change also. If you are not aware of this organization or it's servces I would like to suggest that you get more info directly at 501.897.5566 or the website:

GOP Top Tier MIA: It seems that the GOP "top tier"candidates are missing in action at tonights Morgan State debate hosted by Tavis Smiley. The campaigns of McCain, Thompson, Giuliani, Romney and maybe Tancredo, all have scheduling conflicts and won't be participating in the PBS televised event. Scheduling Conflicts? What's that all about? Obviously, this isn't the first forum that these candidates have "passed" on. Included in the "No, Thank You," are National Urban League, Univision, NAACP, National Latino Elected Officials and especially, no LOGO gay stuff to boot. Where's the "Big Tent," rhetoric of past or has the party opted for exclusivity instead of inclusivity? However, Mike Huckabee get's a "A" for his attendance fresh from his Vertical Day on his website. I don't know, but if these guys don't watch out the Huckster just might be a spoiler afterall. Tune in for the fun tonight, 8 p.m. CST. on PBS.
Now Showing: The Quapaw Quarter United Methodist Church's "Faith in Film Series," presents Almost Normal, 9.28.07, 7-9 p.m. The film directed by Marc Moody depicts an "unhappy man" who is transported to an alternate reality. For the record the blurp about an "unhappy man" stuff, came directly from their website calendar. Let me "keep it real" for you my readers by telling you that this story is about a man approaching a mid-life crisis who has issues with being gay and seeks to be "normal." But after being teleported to the past he meets someone and finds out that the worlds... If you want to know what happens you'll have to check it out. Free Sodas and Popcorn will be served in the sanctuary. Talk about a cheap date. If you need to know more hop on on over to:
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