Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Anniversary Issue

Well here it is, our 4th Anniversary and we are still in the game after 155 postings since September 2003. I've estimated that it's about at least 50,000 words ago that I began using a new medium call a "blog." I had read much about there evolution and how they were being used in cyberspace. However, I never thought that I would have the patience or desire to produce a post on a regualr basis. But, I perserverd, pursued a learning curve and kept puttering along. It's been a great run thus far. I appreciate all those who have shared their opinions, thoughts, criticism and observations both in person and in the comment section. However, we need more and I'm hoping that the participation level will continue to rise. Healthy dialouge and robust conversation is an important feature of this forum's philosophy and mission statement. As we've grown, we have made upgrades, format changes, additions and attempts to find the right mix to take us to the next level. Vowing to continue to be Arkansas' online destination for news, commentary, video, podcasting and more for the GLBTQI community and beyond. Therefore, this will be further enhanced by synergizing our name by phasing out the handle, The Body Politic and becoming known as CorneliusOnpoint. Now, let the celebration begin with our special brand of blogging!!!

If you haven't heard of the Kinsey Sicks, then you will want more after seeing this video from YouTube in which the quartet does a send up of Michael Jackson's "We are the World," redubbed "We arm the Children." I found it entertaining and revelent to the carnage in Dafur, Congo and sub Sahara Africa. This troup was a featured act at the recent Dallas Pride 07 where they performed their "Condoleezzapalooza" show at the Lakewood theatre. Unfortunately, I learned about it a bit late, but would have love to have seen this a capella group in full form. Based in San Francisco the group is comprised of Ben Schutz (Rachel), Irwin Keller (Winnie), Chris Dilley(Trampolina),and Jeff Manabat (Trixie) respectively. There unique humor and take no prisoners concept on current events is my cup to tea, yet I'm not sure if this foursome could sell out a room in this city or state. Imagine this: using this production not only as a great evening out, but perhaps a fundraising platform for Little Rock's Pride 08? According to press releases and through other source material, I discovered that this live dragapella group has toured the country's college campuses and performed for many charity events. I was also pleasantly surprised at the vocal ranges and extreme control each member has while in character. These guys are the real deal and no joke in the performance department. They have produced a DVD entitled, "I Want to Be a Republican"(Eye Pictures Productions) and I'm betting that they will soon ink a deal with BRAVO, LOGO or Showtime in the near future. You can get this little ditty from there website: It's a laugh out loud experience about the political right.

Lavender Politics Yahoo Style: I was perplexed and throughly amused at the tit for tat on the Sidetracks Yahoo group site concerning a member announcing the formation of new Yahoo group titled, Arkansans for Hillary. Talk about queers going up in flames! The group site basically comprises of folks who frequent the NLR outpost or are invovled in the Levi-Leather-Bear subculture. Group member, TCJ posted an informative invite for any one interested in joining the group. In full disclosure, TCJ contacted me to inquire if I would be interested in moderating the effort just shortly after he created it, however, I've not made that decision as yet. Meanwhile a few other group members, notably Amos Lassen, were not amused and even resorted to school yard name calling tactics. Now really girls, what's this all about anyway? I've been apart of the site for awhile and have seen much posted, ranging from folks looking for the "hook-up" to items being sold or products offered. Mr. L, who is purported to be an educator of some type, seems to be of the opinion that the Yahoo group is a selective forum, devoid of any hard core political post. I couldn't disagree more. Moderator Phil P. has expressed to me that the site was created as an outlet for "more than just bar news. But rather any topic, since we all have lives away from the bar." Sounds like to me that means, anyone can post almost anything doesn't it? I believe that it's so important that every outlet be used to disseminate a broad base of information to the GLBTI community at large. Bars are not what they use to be for the this community. Due to the fact that many gay people have begun interacting more in mainstream venues and the internet is a viable tool to continue the connections. TCJ's formation of a "Hill" group is his individual method to participating in democratic process and he was merely "informing" the Sidetrack users of it's existence not in a political hijack mode. Everyone is entitled to choosing/supporting the candidate of his liking and if you don't like the inivite, just say no thanks, click delete and move on. If you or any one you know wants more info here's the link to the Official Arkansans For Hillary Clinton Yahoo Group I encourage all of this groups members to feel free to share their acitivies with our forum and I will be looking in on them for time to time.

Log Cabins in Arkansas: In all fairness, there are a plethora of political groups that I will be mentioning in this forum, as Election 08 continues to take shape. Therefore, Yes, Virgina there are Gay Republicans in Arkansas connected to the national organization, Log Cabin Republicans. There national convention held in May in Denver, CO. was spearheaded by it's President Patrick Sammon, (pictured, left), also included a who's who of other notables. Such as former Senator Alan Simpson, John Amaechi, and C.C. Goldwater, grand daughter of GOP stalwart Barry Goldwater.(pictured, left) Did Arkansas have a delegation, I don't know, but it appears that there's not a visiable or formal entity in place. From their national website they list the following information for the state: Arkansas State Organizing Team If you are out there, and I know you are...feel free to share your stance on today's hot button topics such as immigration, Iraq, "Don't Ask -Don't Tell and so much more!

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