Thursday, January 26, 2012

A COP 24/7 Tipping Point

Fear. Adrenaline. Wheeee! The Geico Piggee says it all and I just love it. Its exactly how COP 24/7 gets produced every day and then some. Thinks this mash up drops without any effort, think again my readers. This exercise in citizen journalism actually does take place over a "24/7" time period as I check in on various news cycles, updates, breaking news and that all important e-box that brims with your tidbits, tales and tattling that keeps the local information funky fresh. Who knew that I would be persuaded to reignite this flame in an effort to be a beacon of what's really going on in this city and state. Stay tuned as we ramp up this forum with more video, links, interactivity and chances to access our prize stash. As I sit here in the Big Chair staring out from by glass cube location, I keep bring it and I hope that you'll keep lovin it! Now let's go get em...

What's the Plan Stan? 2.0

In an earlier post, COP 24/7 answered a readers call to "recall" our posting on a as yet unannounced Prevention campaign coming from the brain trust of the Arkansas Department of Health's HIV-Hep C Section. I acknowledge that COP 24/7 was invited to the late fall 2011 meeting in which this forum engaged section chief Tina Long on details concerning the impeding campaign. Unfortunately, her then answers were extremely nebulous, if not down right vague except to the fact that a contract had been awarded to Advantage Communications to the tune of $150,000 with a possible target release date of maybe February or March. Also she stated that there had been a focus group but had no formal comment documentation or any other substantial report as to the nuts and bolts of how the campaign was developing has been made available. After an e-mail from a concerned individual from the Arkansas Community Planning  Group was circulated, there were "bullet points" offered from Long as answers to that inquiry that still left room for yet more questions. Including my burning question of why does ARCPG have a "marketing" committee and what are they suppose to be marketing? Also, if such a committee exist, wouldn't it have been prudent to at least give members a framework of the illusive campaign that was under construction?  Got that?

Ultimately COP 24/7 would like to know "what's the big secret?" And furthermore, why does it seem that there continues to be those policy wonks, bureaucrats or paper pushers who are hell bent on thwarting any detailed communication. Instead the meetings and responses are filled with piles of "talking points", spinned explanations and mucho speeches but saying nothing verbiage.  Its prevalent all over the system, at all levels and across many agencies. By golly none of this doublespeak or talking out both sides of one's mouth does anyone any damn good. Especially those 4,617 folks apart of the Arkansas unmet need, individuals trying to navigate our admitted patch work system or those individuals who attend monthly meetings or teleconferences whom seem be apart of strategy of  a "checked box" to be CDC compliant.  Actually as I see it, this is not about the actual "campaign" but a systemic problem of a "strained relationship" that has persist over the years between ADH, HIV-Hep C Section, other entities and those living infected or affected by HIV/AIDS. Not to mention local community based organizations that have been subjected to quasi management steeped in ever changing policies and procedures. Apparently engulf in a departmental culture of what appears to be dysfunction at its worst. Let me be clear, I'm not all about ranting about problems without offering some possible solutions. So let's think about these...

1. I suggest that the Community Planning Group Guidance Handbook be offered to all members of the group and that at each meeting some part of it is reviewed. I've read much of this guide and it has distinct direction, protocols and problem solving scenarios that would be helpful. I would be interested in if any member of this group has seen or heard of it? If not, why not? Here's a link:   How easy was that one...

2. Communication is obviously problematic. May I suggest that an E-zine, newsletter or some form of a mass communication tool be created immediately. Not on a drawing board, conceptually or needing any reviews. NOW!  Sent weekly to an appointed data base with updates, links, timelines and basic information from the HIV-Hep C Section. Anybody heard of Constant Contact or seen the Office of Minority Healths piece?  Need a contractor? Another easy one...

3. I'm over the Consultants A-go-go. These high priced echo chambers have come in and out of the loop sucking up big dollars that have garnered "Zero." After several rounds of these "talking heads" have we not learned anything? How many times do we have some indivdiual swoop down into our midst to tell us stuff that we should have already deciphered. Such as you have an unmet need? Know that already. You have brought many stakeholders to the table? Really?  Enough already with the consultants. In the proverbial words that is a ADH mantra, "when we know better, we do better..." then surely all the smart folks in the room need to be held accountable if we don't. Time as wastin, let's get on with it!

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